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Drift Talk: Wheel Addiction

Today is a bit of a change from our usual top quality blogs, Matt is running himself ragged as always trying to do everything so I figured we could give him a little break from being superman. So here it is, my first blog for you all. Addictions. We all have at least one and

Drift Talk: Usukani YD-2 upgrades part 2

I was recently sent some new upgrades from Usukani for the YD-2 I haven’t fitted them all yet because the last time I changed loads all at once it took a while to get the chassis handling right. So this time round I have been a little more methodical with things. I changed the rear

Drift Talk: What is your favourite bodyshell ever?

Hello, yes we are still alive and today is time for some waffle! I have been off setting up my own website and Facebook page for a personal project and it appears the rest of the team has been busy! I have the Timehop app and not long ago it flagged up a gem from

Drift Talk: Problems for noobs and entry level pricing!

Yesterday we sparked debate about the rising cost of drifting, most of you agreed a few didn’t but raised valid points to defend their argument. One thing that was made clear is those with plenty of cash will always spend big bucks on the stuff at the top of the hobby. I can’t knock them

Drift Talk: The growing prices and pressure on RC…

The growing prices and pressure on RC drifters is the subject of today’s drift talk. Not many days go by without seeing some new sexy drift part or chassis being announced on social media. The rate of development at the minute is insane. I’m not saying it is a bad thing in fact it is

Drift Talk: MDS event at JAE

Yokomuki along with the rest of the MDS crew and Asbo-RC will be putting on a 3 day drift event at this year’s Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE), our part of the show will run from the 1st till the 3rd of September. This is a great chance for us to show off the hobby to