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#NFG Issue 13: The future of Muki and a…

It has been a while since our last blog due to my personal life being thrown in to turmoil in August but I am back in the saddle now and ready to get the Muki bus rolling again. We are coming to the end of our second year in existence and we have a really settled team of people involved in Yokomuki at the moment and we will hopefully be growing further over the next 12 months. So with that said there are however going to be some changes to our site over the next months and what we do, so here is what we have planned.

We will be discontinuing our clothing range for the time being until we can find a better supplier that can provide our tees at a better price, a select few available via The Common Snob. Our sticker shop will also be removed however stickers will be available on request and come and grab one of us at any event/track we always have some with us or drop our new page Art Failure Graffix a message.

That’s what is leaving the site so what are we adding well basically we want to add more info and content regarding drifting in 1/10 scale. We set out to be a source of information for drifting and we ended up going down a different path and losing sight of our original goal. So we wanted to add more helpful hints and guides, buying advice and other information people may find useful, we will be looking to the drift community for help and guidance in everything we do in keeping with the current UK drift movement.

We will continue to be involved with MDS and the planning and promotion of their events but for now we just want to focus on what we love and that is drifting and to help bring new drifters to the hobby, the last few weeks has shown that life is too short to be distracted by irrelevant things do what you love and spend time with the ones you love.

Stay sideways

Matt Ellis

Team Yokomuki

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#NFG Issue 12: Is RC drifting on its last…

The drift scene is going through some major changes in the UK at the moment and I have heard a few people’s opinions on the situation, one of the main opinions being people think that the scene is on its last legs. To be honest it is hard to argue with that opinion after Radshape RC recently closed its doors to the public and Soul RC has announced it is closing (although there is promise of a new track in a new location) that is two major losses to the drift scene, there is still of course RC Model Shop Direct who have a very good shop and track and are the official home of the UK championship.

Having said that, I don’t agree that the scene is on its last legs I just think the focus is shifting away from the traditional model shop with a track out the back that we have become accustomed too. Tracks are now becoming a totally separate commodity take N.R.D for example, run by a great bunch of people who are passionate about the hobby and have turned their venue in to place to visit for the day (or night sometimes) without the draw of a model shop on site. N.R.D rely on their fantastically detailed track and atmosphere to pull in the crowds (not to mention the food and drink available). I think ultimately this is the way tracks will go in the UK, groups of people getting together and running a track where you can go and spend the day whether that is a permanent venue like N.R.D or a monthly event like the one we run at MDS.

I know in an ideal world we would love the UK to be like Japan with a track in virtually every model shop but sadly the cost of retail properties in UK are crazy and with the internet killing the local hobby shops I just can’t see things changing anytime soon. So it is a case of getting behind people like N.R.D, GetYourDriftOn, MDS, WRCC Drifters and any other club or pop up event because if you don’t support these people then those who think the hobby is on its last legs will be proved correct.

As long as people continue to support each other the way they do I think the scene will be fine of course there will always be people who put places down for having a go or poke fun when a place tries to be a little more professional in how they go about things. Thankfully the vast majority of folk in this hobby are awesome, something we have experienced first hand since we began hosting events at MDS and on that note hopefully we will see you all at the next MDS event on the 6th of August.

Stay Sideways….


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#NFG Issue 11: Slide or die

I am sure by now you will have noticed Facebook posts and videos of Saturdays epic slide or die event over at MDS you may even have read the killer write up by RC Drift Addict, I am going to give you more of an insight in to how the day unfolded for us (MDS).

After a month of planning and promoting on Facebook Saturday the 9th of July finally arrived, we started out very early meeting in Fazeley just after 8:00 am, we grabbed a bite to eat and planned out the day. We got in to the venue just before 9:00am to start setting up after clearing the room and laying the carpet RC Kingstar joined us to help with set up and gave his input on track design people started arriving just after 10 and the track was ready by about 10:30 so the doors opened a little earlier than planned.

It was a great turnout again with some new faces showing up RC Kingstar did a great job with the comps he ran, we don’t want things to get to serious at MDS but they broke the day up nicely and gave people a chance to show off, it was great to have the guys down from Ratrap/NRD again they always light the place up. Dale from Usukani UK was on hand to sell those exotic parts and also had a great selection of bodyshells on sale he also donated some killer prizes for the comps. There were also some great prizes donated by RC Kingstar, Team DHB, GRJ Graffix and our very own living legend Darren Dudley even chipped in a few prizes.

Some of the bodyshells and chassis’ on show were epic and there were a fair few chaps who were competing out in Holland at the world championships not so long ago including Team Yokomuki sponsored driver Slideshow Bob. From a Yokomuki point of view it was nice to have the whole team (minus the legend Zac our none drifting member) together for the whole day it is always good fun when we all get together.

Sadly 10:00 pm came and the big pack up started again (always the worse part of the day) we over ran a little getting things packed up but a few good people stopped and helped pack up which is always most appreciated and I finally got home at around midnight some of the other lads would have been even later.

There were times during Saturday where you were just able to sit back and admire what we have pulled off at MDS in such a short period of time and we have big plans for the future.

See you in August….

If you haven’t already check out the write up by RC Drift Addict.

Stay Sideways

Matt Ellis


One Ten Drift Ezine

#NFG Issue 10: Planning for the next event &…

June played host to the first ever MDS event in Fazeley and it was a huge success everybody involved pulled together and worked hard to put on a truly fantastic day, but now the focus turns to July. We have all been busy at MDS planning our second event on July 9th making sure we it is bigger and better than the first.

We have RC Kingstar joining us as our special guest, we have also have a gorgeous Supra shell to give away for the best bodyshell on the day donated by GRJ Graffix. The track layout will see a slight tweak and a few more detail bits will be added, the track is a labour of love taking roughly two hours to layout and detail we want it to feel as much like a permanent track as possible not just a bit of tape thrown down.

As always we will be joined by Dale from Usukani UK who will be selling those exotic parts we have all come to love. We will also be giving away two tickets to our summer slide in August as well as a few other prizes to be confirmed.

Muki News.

Our new recruit David Shaw-Matthews headed up to the awesome N.R.D for the first time and had the following to say.

“So after a lot of people telling me how good it is and how I need to make the trip, I finally made it to Ratrap RC (N.R.D.) and definitely wasn’t disappointed.

I was greeted on the door and made to feel welcome straight away.

As I walked through into the track area the first thing that hit me was the sheer detail and quality of the track and other areas. Pure “wow” factor!

I got set up in the pit area and got straight on track and had a fantastic day and evening of RC drifting with some seriously great guys.

I’ll definitely be making the journey on a regular basis in the future”.

We are looking forward to some Muki road trips later in the summer and over the next 12 months.

RC Drift Lichfield

RC Drift Lichfield was always a huge part of the Midlands drift scene but sadly it went a little downhill after some of its main organisers lost a little love for the drift scene, thankfully they have rediscovered their love for drifting and once again.

Weekly meets are held over in Lichfield, take a look at their Facebook page to find out more. For me they represent a return to the roots of the hobby a group of friends chilling out and having fun which sometimes gets forgotten.

To add to the fun factor there, the surface is pretty killer too one of the smoothest I have drifted on, it is a nice location when you are not bothered by people asking how fast your car goes.

One last thought

It has been a fantastic couple of month for Yokomuki RC our hard work over the last 18 months seems to really be paying off and our family is getting bigger and better all the time.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the people who have helped and supported us, every like on Facebook or Instagram it means the world us.

Finally on a mushy note, a big thank you to the team old members and new, the originals Lee Lee, Zac & Slideshow and the new recruits Dave and Vix, love you guys..

Stay Sideways



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#NFG Issue 9: The rebels are coming!

Yokomuki RC is well in to its second year now and not much has changed with the team in that time, so it is time for a shake-up.

Yokomuki RC is a family we drift together, hang out together we are a close knit group and that group is getting bigger. Last year we introduced Slideshow Bob (Andy Baynes) as our first ever sponsored driver and we couldn’t be more proud of Andy he has been a fantastic ambassador for Yokomuki, We knew Andy well before he was sponsored by us and he is a popular dude in the RC drift world. Slideshow will continue to be our main sponsored driver and also a Team Yokomuki member.

The team is getting bigger though in addition to myself, Lee Hughes, Slideshow & Zac (our creative genius) we would like to welcome two new members to the Rebels team.

Vicki-Lee Smith

The lady behind Lee Hughes is also a budding drifter, still relatively new to the RC drift world, Vix is however a very big car enthusiast and is always heading to car shows in her beloved Honda Civic so will be a great ambassador for the team on and off track.

David Shaw-Matthews

Me & Lee were reunited with Dave at the first MDS event (Those close to the 3 of us know the story) but it didn’t take long to get back in to the swing of things, I genuinely had the most fun drifting with Lee and Dave at that event than I have had in a long time. Dave has a huge pedigree when it comes to RC drifting he has been the UK champion on more than one occasion and he still has the skills to pay the bills..

Our team member’s benefit from Mukistyle gear at cost price and an endless supply of stickers, they will all be admins on our Facebook page to share their RC adventures with you.

We are also heading back in to the world of scaling/rock crawling and will be looking for team members who are from the muddy side of RC to join our team.

Be a Rebel…….


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#NFG Issue 8: The perfect start

Saturday marked the first ever MDS (Midlands Drift Society) event, after months of planning and promotion it didn’t disappoint.

The day started bright and early for myself and the rest of the MDS team meeting in Fazeley at just gone 8:00 AM, Track set up took a couple of hours with all the new barriers and detailing parts to fix down. Doors as promised opened on time at 11:00 AM we were joined by Tim Ansell from Unit 4 who set up his awesome scale garage for some fantastic photo opportunities, Dale Clements of Usukani UK was on hand with a selection of his products.

Also a big thanks to Daniel Harrison & Gareth Hemingway for coming down from N.R.D for the day, the event was in full swing by lunch time, our dream team of Vix and Paula in the kitchen keeping everyone refreshed with the finest tea & coffee in Fazeley. Just after 3:00 PM we ran the competitions for best bodyshell & chassis, it was during the judging we realised just how many people were actually at the event. The judges in the end were blown away by the bodyshells and chassis’ which had made their way down from N.R.D and awarded them 1st & 2nd in both classes.

As the evening approached we got the live stream of the worlds up to support the UK drivers, then the football was streamed (not everyone’s cup of tea but it was England after all) the drifting continued all evening right up to the point we had to start packing up, thankfully a few people gave us a hand packing up which only took an hour and we were on our way home just after 11:00 PM.

It was a fantastic day with some awesome people roll on the 9th of July.

For me personally it was a very emotional day after 2 years of being away from the organising side of the hobby to be back involved and running an event felt very special, also getting to reconnect with people I haven’t spoken too for 2 years was fantastic. A major highlight was me, Lee and Dave having a slide together for the first time in forever all in all it was a perfect day.

Now for some changes with Yokomuki RC, our team will be restructured over the coming months, our t-shirts will now be designed by The Common Snob and sold through our website and distributed through Spreadshirt, and a small selection of designs will also be available through the Common Snobs Redbubble page (I will post the relevant links on Facebook).

All our digital media & digital marketing will now be handled by Phoenix Rising Digital Media.

Lastly a huge thank you goes out to Slideshow Bob for representing us at the Worlds over in Holland, I know it wasn’t the result you were looking for but we are massively proud of you regardless….

Until next time be a REBEL & stay sideways….