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Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

Last night the first draft of issue 4 was completed, after a few mistakes crept in to the last issue it has gone out to several people to proof read to avoid any further mistakes making the final draft. Once everything has come back and any edits are made it will have the final spit and polish and then be put live on our website.

What is in issue 4?

This issue has taken a while to put together due to people being focussed on the worlds (totally understandable) some content was late arriving and some have been pushed back to the next issue. That said there is some great stuff in issue 4.

Team Run – We find out about Craig McGurk’s new project.

MDS – One year on – We take a look at MDS and their first year of events and their birthday event.

Vivian Grobler – We catch up with the man behind SRC and find out how he does what he does.

Manny Dori Neto – Manny talks us through his journey in to RC drifting and competing at the worlds.

Interviewing Bagi San – Presta Zmarsa chats to the legend of RC drifting.

Bad Ass Bodyshells – We have another selection of epic shells.

These mags although short take a lot of putting together I have never really sat and worked out how many hours go in to each one but it is a lot, so as much as we try to avoid mistakes if the odd one gets through we apologise. Perhaps we could take on a few more proof readers for the next issue.



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Drift Talk: The CS revival

Drift Talk: The CS revival

After my Monday morning vent I thought I would talk about something far more pleasant, recently CS has made comeback (Typical after I finally got myself a RWD chassis) far more CS cars are now on track which is a breath of fresh air after RWD seemingly took over. I made my my return to CS on Saturday at NRD with my old xxx-d which hasn’t been run for over 12 months and I have to say after an hour or so I was really enjoying myself it took a little while to get back in to the swing of things. Since I last ran CS the ethos behind it seems to have changed a lot it is very much a case with the people who are championing CS at the minute trying to make it work with RWD.

The speed difference that used to be there isn’t as noticeable anymore with the advances in RWD, the two really can work side by side now with the right people at the controller anyway. I found that if you were following the same line you could really regulate your speed to drift with the guys running RWD. The two of them working together will always boil down to peoples attitude, but I think with how things are progressing there is space in the drift world for both.

As with anything it is about adapting to what is around you, if you find yourself on track with a load of RWD drivers you just adapt to their speed and get on with it, a good drifter can always adapt. I have watched our very own “big deal” Dave run CS in a train with some of the best RWD drifters in the country, likewise Slideshow always holds his own running RWD with a load of CS drivers. I don’t think either way is right or wrong as long as you are having fun that’s all that matters, we can all be one big happy drift family.

Track layout is always a great way to keep people in check slowing people down in the right spots and helping to keep everyone consistent it is something the current layout at Ratrap does very well.

Drift Talk

Drift Talk: MDS and a Monday morning moan about…

Drift Talk: MDS and a Monday morning moan about stuff.

It’s Monday, it’s time to moan but it’s not all moaning there is some MDS news in here amongst the moaning and general observations.


MDS @ JAE, myself and the rest of the MDS crew have been invited to put on a drift event at the UK’s biggest Japanese car show in September. Naturally we are honoured to have such an epic opportunity to put RC drifting in front of a whole new potential audience. The event takes place between the 31st of August and the 3rd of September our event will run from the 1st till the 3rd, over at MDS we are busy making plans and putting things in place to make this event special.

The event will be open to all our regulars and the wider drift community with full weekend tickets and Saturday only tickets also available. We will be running two tracks and demo cars for the public to try, originally we were going to run a full weekend comp but we feel that won’t show off drifting in the best light due to the stop start nature of competitions. We have decided instead to run the weekend as we run every other MDS event, you show up you drift and you have fun. I think if people can see a huge group together having a laugh and getting those drift trains going it will do far more for the hobby than a structured comp.

For me RC drifting is a social thing to do, the social aspect is just as important as the drifting itself. If we can show that off to people it will attract a lot more people to the hobby. So hopefully you can join us to show off what we do and try and get some more interest generated in our hobby.


I love drifting, I love promoting and pushing the hobby and I do feel over 3 years Yokomuki has established itself as a fairly recognised name in the UK at least, not because we are fantastic drifters but because we care about what we do and want to see it progress as a hobby. Over the last 3 or 4 years I have watched drifting go from strength to strength in the UK, while shops have tried and failed the community has stuck together and created its own venues to drift at NRD, WRCC, MDS Unit 4 and many more.

I do have two concerns at the minute which I am sure I am not the only one who has them, one is not so major the other one I think is I will let you decide which one is which.

1, Venues you can’t have too many is the attitude I think most will have on this, however the more choice you have the harder it gets to keep all these venues going. People like to sample the delights of as many venues as they can which is natural, this year I have been to DRC (Before it got boomed to death), WRCC, NRD, Unit 4 and of course MDS.

I have a limited amount of drift tokens to cash each month due to being married with two kids and need to find that balance between drifting and family time. Every month I will cash in tokens to help run the event at MDS this then leaves 1 maybe 2 weekends where I can drift elsewhere that’s when the hard choices come because of the amount of venues available now. I have a massive amount of respect for anybody who tries to run a venue whether it’s a pop up track or a permanent venue it takes a lot of hard work to make them successful.

Loyalty will be a big part of making tracks work you need a good core of regulars to keep you going, we have built up a good group of regulars at MDS as I am sure WRCC and NRD have and no doubt Tim will at Unit 4. When you are fond of the people involved with running other tracks it makes those decisions all the more difficult as you want all of them to work out, because if there are no tracks we are all stuck with cars we can’t use.

I think it will be down to the community organising itself better to make these venues work because if the whole community is at one venue the others are losing money. You don’t want it to get to a stage where venues are closing all the time. We have been very lucky at MDS that when new tracks like Unit 4 have opened they have always tried to work with us and our dates so we don’t clash, the community was brought together in large at NRD on Saturday who have had a few slow weeks due to supporting the opening of Unit 4 and the MDS birthday, this type of support will help each track keep going in my opinion. We all need to work together, those that integrate will prevail those that don’t will fail.

2, when I got in to drifting it was easy, you chucked some drift tyres on a touring chassis job done you had a drift car. Well you had something you could take to a car park and have fun with at least. As the hobby has grown, dedicated drift chassis’ and technology have advanced massively, which don’t get me wrong is a good thing for the hobby. However with these advances the cost of drifting is sky rocketing, while you can still throw some drift tyres on a touring chassis and go to a car park the next step is becoming more and more expensive.

Yes there are “budget” options in the D4 and YD2 but when you put electrics, radio gear, bodyshell and batteries on top of them drifting on a budget is now a £350 – £400 outlay. If I was just getting in to the hobby now I would be very put off by the prices being banded around, I picked up my xxx-d HT VIP from Soul RC a couple of years ago it cost £550 for just the chassis staggering price really but now that same chassis will set you back £645 almost an extra hundred quid. When drifting completely loses its accessibility to people the hobby will die.

I don’t care who gets offended by this next statement but the truth is the hobby is full of snobs! People have forgot where they started and forgot why they got in to drifting in the first place. I don’t care if you have an Overdose chassis with a billion quid’s worth of electrics you are no more or less important to the hobby than the new guy with the 100 quid TT-01. When I chuck my drift chassis on track which owes me at least a grand I don’t get pissy that the kid with a sprint 2 has just hit me if he is trying to learn (I totally understand people getting angry when someone consistently smashes in to them and has no intention of trying to improve themselves that is very annoying).

I think sometimes though we all need to step back and evaluate what we are doing we are a bunch of grown me (In the most part) playing with toy cars. It doesn’t matter that you have just got the latest super doper chassis conversion that will make your car the best thing in the world until next week when something better comes out it is still just a toy car.

Anyway I am off to buy a TT-02 see you trackside

Matt “the grumpy” drifter

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Drift Talk: Team Tramdrift, Ratrap and issue 4 we…

Drift Talk: Team Tramdrift, Ratrap and issue 4 we have been busy!

It’s been a slow week on the page, we haven’t really blogged much other than to discuss that terrible bodyshell addiction problem. However it has been a pretty busy couple of weeks behind the scenes, earlier this week we announced a new member of the family in Bullhead who we are delighted to have as part of our team. Bullhead is a team mate with a twist as he is part of Team Trampdrift, I have also been part of that team for a little while doing things behind the scenes there. We are looking to build up Team Trampdrift as a separate thing to Yokomuki but there will be some links to each team. Trampdrift deserves to be kept separate as a lot of hard work has gone in to that name and it should be carried on.

Issue 4

We also now finally have all the content in for issue 4, this one has been a struggle with the worlds and people having their focus on that thankfully content is already coming in for issue 5 already. Issue 4 is shaping up to be a good one our good friend and Yokomuki writer Presta zmarsa has snagged us an interview with drift royalty Bagi San and we have some cool stuff in this one. This issue will probably be dropping around mid to late July.


MDS has been a big focus this week the group has been working hard to put plans in to place for our trip to JAE in September. We are planning on putting one hell of a show on and having a good time with the drift family. We will be working closely with Dale at Asbo-RC to make sure everybody drifting has what they need to survive the weekend. You can find out more info about the show via our MDS Facebook page.

Ratrap RC

This weekend we are taking Muki on the road again and heading to drifting mecca NRD for a day with our RatrapRC family and to hopefully nail down some great content for the magazine and the blogs. Ratrap have shown so much support to Yokomuki and MDS over the years and that is why we go there, this community thrives on support and nobody works harder than them when it comes to supporting the drift scene. If you are at Ratrap this Saturday hit us up for some stickers and have a chat with us if you are interested in being featured in the mag.

Taking stock

I took a step back this week to catch my breath because it has been a mental year and I am blown away by how far we have managed to take Yokomuki. You have to pinch yourself sometimes when you are talking to a guy from the other side of the world about the magazine and them wanting to be part of it. We really enjoy what we do and me personally I would like to thank everyone who has been involved so far, you have helped make the magazine what it is.

Enjoy your drifting this weekend wherever you end up,



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Drift Talk: Bodyshell Addiction

Drift Talk: Bodyshell Addiction

We have been accused of talking nonsense on here sometimes and not addressing real issues in the drift world. So today I want to talk about something very real a problem that has a lasting impact on a drifter’s life.

Bodyshell addictions

Recent studies show that 1 in 2 drifters suffer from this terrible affliction and that number has risen dramatically since 2015 with many back street dealers popping up to further the problem making these shells easier to get hold of.

I write this blog to raise awareness, I suffer from this affliction and I thought it was about time I shed some light on it, in the hope that I can help just one person. Below are some of the symptoms of this addiction to look out for

Buying bodyshells when there is nothing wrong with your current one.

Planning your next shell before you have finished your current build.

Owning at least twice as many shells as chassis’s.

Having at least one clear shell in your house and still looking around for more.

These are just some of the symptoms of this problem to look out for, there are tonnes of people parting with hundreds of pounds on a regular basis to fuel this addiction. In recent years evil companies have latched on to this problem and have released products to further this addiction, body kits, spoilers, engine bays and many more.

If you feel like this is a problem you have, we want you to know you’re not alone. Yokomuki RC are currently trying to set-up a support group to help people in a similar situation to us. We are setting up a just giving page called “this money won’t go on bodyshells honestly” so we can fund our support group and hold regular meetings where people can discuss their problems.

We are here for you, you are not alone.


Drift Talk

Drift Talk: FIA and full size drifting!

Drift Talk: FIA and full size drifting!

This is not an RC drift article but a general musing about full size drifting which obviously is the catalyst for all we do in the 1:10 world. FIA recently announced the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup which will take place later in the year in Tokyo, I am still a little sketchy about the FIA being involved with drifting. Whilst I totally understand the need for certain regulations to ensure the safety of both the drivers and the fans, I do worry that their standardised rules that will come into place could be a problem.

As we all know drifting is adapted differently in different countries, the styles are very different between Japan and the USA for example. How will a standardised set of rules and regs change these styles? they may not make any difference or they could completely change drifting. Drifting has so much personality compared to other forms of Motorsport and it would be such a shame to lose that with unnecessary rules and restrictions.

I grew up watching F1 in the late 80’s early 90’s it was such a sensational sport to watch epic battles between drivers pushing the limits of their cars and skills. Fast forward to the last few years and F1 has become far less of a spectacle, while you can’t knock the improvements to safety and what not FIA have helped bring through the sport has become dull. F1 is dominated by money now and a young driver with bags of potential often gets overlooked for the guy who brings huge sponsors from his home country. This is down to the ever growing list of rules and regulations that teams have to abide by and the distribution of wealth in the sport.

I am not for one minute saying this will happen to drifting, I just wonder how a things will be effected at grass roots levels if they do get involved on a more permanent basis as this is just one event we are talking about at the minute. Drifting seems a very accessible form of Motorsport compared  to most but with a bucket load of extra safety regulations will that mean the sport becomes far more expensive to get involved with. I am not saying safety regs are bad but Motorsport is meant to be dangerous, you want to see cars scrapping walls and drivers getting on each others doors that is what makes drifting so fun to watch there is nothing else like it in the world.

Obviously there are potential good points to their involvement the extra worldwide exposure they will bring to drifting, the potential for more drift events worldwide, TV deals etc. You would hope to see more comps involving drifters from all over the world on bigger scales. There is no doubting the FIA being involved is a huge deal for drifting and shows just how far it has come.


For now I am a little on the fence with the whole thing, what are your thoughts let us know through Facebook.



I would like to point out this is only my opinion and I am sure someone will call me an idiot, but this is my website so I can be an idiot….


Cheers for reading

Matt “The idiot”

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