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Shapeways 3D Printing

Shapeways are a unique 3D printing service offering a print on demand services for creative minds to bring their creations to life. I was lucky enough to be sent some of their products to review recently.

I am a big fan of 3D printed stuff it has opened up a whole new level of detail to our hobby but some stuff I have seen lacks a bit of quality so that was the first thing I looked at when my package arrived from Shapeways. First things first all the items were so well packed, which when you are dealing with fragile items is essential Shape ways have you covered here.


So, let’s talk quality, all the items I received do require finishing (Painting) but I don’t mind that it allows you to put your own stamp on things. Print quality is outstanding the products are so crisp you would thing they were molded not printed.

As I am putting together a scale garage at the moment so the bulk of by items were centered around that theme. The level of detail in each item is incredible not only is it a testament to the quality of the print it also highlights the brilliance of the designers involved. Each time you look at a product you can’t help but marvel at the detail from the beautiful chain on the engine hoist to the delicate spring at the base of the pump truck not one thing has been missed from any of their products.

Quality does however come at a price and some of the items do carry some pretty hefty price tags but in my opinion the products and the time spent making them warrant that cost. I needed to paint the items I was sent to bring out the detail. I used Tamiya acrylic paints and had a blast putting the finishing touches to the items I was sent.

The range

In terms of a dedicated drift range things are a little limited at the moment but but is growing all the time however there are still some awesome parts available. Where Shapeways do come in handy though are with their scale garage items there is a ton of choice. Shapeways also have an extensive range of other RC parts available from classic Tamiya bits to the latest trick bits for your rock crawler. 

What I was sent

As I mentioned I was lucky enough to be sent a pretty decent amount of stuff to sink my teeth in to. I have already touched on the level of detail in the products so from this point on I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

MST wheel inserts
Engine hoist, pallet truck and tire rack

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Bodyshells & Builders

Pandora RC Japan Part 1

After issue 5 was released and ended up going completely worldwide, we couldn’t believe what happened next. The one and only Pandora RC got in touch with Matt and wanted to get involved with the magazine. Well, who are we to turn down such an offer, I mean, let’s face it, their bodies are one of the most detailed around, and that’s before you’ve even painted it.

So what did Pandora have to offer you may ask. Two of their best bodies is the answer. A Nissan Silvia PS13 Origin Labo and a Nissan Silvia S15 Origin Labo which explains why this feature is part 1.


The first body

The first of the 2 bodies will be the S13 which I (Ash) chose to have a crack at, I had to choose the S13 with it being my favourite S-body and coupled with my favourite body kit as well it was just perfect. I already had quite a few things laying around including a D-craft sunroof kit, Yokomo light buckets and a few other choice details. To top it all off the main man Ralph from P!pes got in touch to offer us exhausts for these builds but I won’t divulge too much into the details, simply check out the separate article for those.

The Shell

So, onto the shell itself. The body comes with separate bumpers, lexan light buckets (I chose not to use these as I much prefer plastic), boot spoiler and roof spoiler. The thickness of Pandora shells is always a taking point and I will agree, compared to others they’re thin but this is a positive if you ask me. The thicker makes tend to crack, far easier, whereas with Pandora, they flex then pop straight back into shape, no cracks or damage, this was put into practice when I picked this shell up off Matt, popped it in the back of my car on top of a set of full scale wheels (not my most clever moment) and what happened next was inevitable, I heard a crunch going round a corner as one of the wheels crushed the brand new shell, instantly my heart dropped and I pulled over, not one bit of damage, now if that isn’t proof that these shells are worthwhile then I don’t know what is.

The parts

Onto the bumpers being separate, I hear a lot of people question this as so many other makes just have theirs as one piece with the shell, but to add the detail you get from Pandora these need to be separate, especially with the Origin Labo kit and if cut out and fitted correctly, you can barely even tell they were once a separate part.

Another great detail is how prominent the window trim lines are on these, makes life so much easier when it comes to those must add details, but with this one I decided to take it a step further and have added inner and outer window trims, I feel with the detail in the shell it was a must.

Anyway, I feel that’s enough talking and I should let the pictures do the rest. Don’t forget to check back soon for part 2 of the Pandora feature to see how the S15 comes out.

The finished product

Think you will agree it looks pretty epic!

Thanks for reading



Don’t forget to check out Pandora RC they have a truly epic range!

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You can also purchase Pandora RC bodies in the UK from ASBO-RC

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Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Wheel Addiction

Today is a bit of a change from our usual top quality blogs, Matt is running himself ragged as always trying to do everything so I figured we could give him a little break from being superman. So here it is, my first blog for you all.

Addictions. We all have at least one and we have touched on this in the past with bodyshell addiction but we seem to have let another addiction slip through. Until now. I’ve not been drifting for that long really, not compared to some of the old timers in the U.k scene. This doesn’t stop me having a healthy supply of wheels, in fact I have over 20 different sets, some I prefer to use and abuse, others are left on the display chassis as I like them so much I refuse to use them. I would say I’m not alone either when I admit that for every new bodyshell I make, I buy at least one more set of wheels.

So, the symptoms of this rather serious affliction:

  • The most serious, as I said above, New body, New wheels. Not happy with those wheels? Yeh, that’s fine, Ill pop them in a box and buy another set.
  • More than one set of the same wheels? But, but, but they look so good in every colour!
  • Hiding them, I know Mr Tim Ansell over at Unit4 is a culprit of this. Let’s face it, the other half doesn’t need to know how many sets you have.
  • That one proper pretty set, the ones that never turn because let’s face it, they’re rare, honest.

With all that said, it’s time to hear what you guys say on this rather distressing subject. How many sets have you got? Don’t forget, pictures or it never happened. Do you suffer from the “New shell, new wheels” problem? Also, let’s see those killer display only wheels.

And finally. “Hello, my name is Ash and I suffer from a wheel addiction.” Ahhh, much better.


Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: What is your favourite bodyshell ever?

Hello, yes we are still alive and today is time for some waffle! I have been off setting up my own website and Facebook page for a personal project and it appears the rest of the team has been busy! I have the Timehop app and not long ago it flagged up a gem from my past which is the reason for today’s blog.

It flagged up this my old Yokomo FC body.

So I am going to talk bodyshells for a minute, I have been drifting for a while and have had my fair share of shells (See the addiction blog) this shell however is my all-time favourite. It was one of my first Yokomo bodies and it was perfect. I loved drifting with this shell, I have never enjoyed drifting with another shell as much as I did with this. I knew exactly where to put it through corners and could get its ass right up the barriers at Radshape (which was brave those things were metal and when you hit them your bodyshell showed the scars).

People have mentioned in the past how certain shells drift differently to others and there is definitely some truth in it. You get used to certain reference points on your shell when drifting which help you judge things, how close you are to wall for example. I am sure after a few laps most people will get used to a shell but I do think some suit you better than others.

I have fancied an E30 shell for a while, when I finally got one I hated it tried running it for a while but just couldn’t get to grips with it. The FC clicked straight away for me and I had this shell for a long time sadly I don’t think Yokomo make it anymore and the one in the photo has long gone. These days I tend to stick with S chassis bodies and get on okay with them.

So what shells do you prefer to drift with and what is your favourite shell?

Remember to check out our free to download and mag, spread the word and get involved we are on the lookout for content all the time.

Hopefully we will bang out a few more blogs in the near future, I have been busy writing about nostalgic rubbish over on my own page Eight84 (Shameless plug)

Cheers for reading


Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Team shells Ratrap style.

Team shells, there are many of them about these days but one team has taken things to another level with their latest creations. The guys from Ratrap RC have always had a unique style but their new team shells are insane. I was up at NRD when they were prepping and painting them earlier this month.

A lot of thought clearly went in to these shells and a lot of money, more Yokomo bodies than most shops stock as well as Yokomo light buckets, wings not to mention the tonne of SRC goodies picked up from Asbo-RC. As well as all the shells and accessories there was enough Tamiya paint kicking around to paint a full size car.

The new team shells are not a straight forward one or two colour paint scheme either, the guys from Ratrap have used translucent, metallic and many more to achieve the look they were after. They complement the epic paint work with a complete custom livery designed and cut in house at NRD. Achieving the end result clearly took a lot of time, hours of prep work went in to each shell with more masking involved than I have ever seen.

Like I eat my Cadburys Cream Eggs shells were being painted two at a time all through the day, with a mad rush on to get them ready for Ratrap’s European road trip (More to come on that in issue 5). We were honoured that our logo featured on the shells as well as the One/Ten Ezine getting on the back window, so enough waffle check out the shells and see this epic work for yourself.



Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

Last night the first draft of issue 4 was completed, after a few mistakes crept in to the last issue it has gone out to several people to proof read to avoid any further mistakes making the final draft. Once everything has come back and any edits are made it will have the final spit and polish and then be put live on our website.

What is in issue 4?

This issue has taken a while to put together due to people being focussed on the worlds (totally understandable) some content was late arriving and some have been pushed back to the next issue. That said there is some great stuff in issue 4.

Team Run – We find out about Craig McGurk’s new project.

MDS – One year on – We take a look at MDS and their first year of events and their birthday event.

Vivian Grobler – We catch up with the man behind SRC and find out how he does what he does.

Manny Dori Neto – Manny talks us through his journey in to RC drifting and competing at the worlds.

Interviewing Bagi San – Presta Zmarsa chats to the legend of RC drifting.

Bad Ass Bodyshells – We have another selection of epic shells.

These mags although short take a lot of putting together I have never really sat and worked out how many hours go in to each one but it is a lot, so as much as we try to avoid mistakes if the odd one gets through we apologise. Perhaps we could take on a few more proof readers for the next issue.



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