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Drift Talk Guest Blog: E46 BMW RC Replica bodyshell…

Drift Talk Guest Blog: E46 BMW RC Replica bodyshell for Brendan Puren

So as a beginner in the RC Drift scene I was asked by super drift series driver Brendan Puren if I could do a replica bodyshell build of his BMW, as beginner builder I quickly agreed and was really excited to start with the build.

The very next week I went to the local hobby store and purchased a HPI-Racing BMW M5 and bought two cans of (PS5) black. Cut the body and shaped the body to my liking, masked the windows so I could have the clear windows.

Unfortunately the HPI bodyshell did not come with a light kit so I was forced to use the sticker kit that was provided. I also got a HSP boot spoiler to go with it did a test fit then bolted it on to the body, which fitted awesome on this body.

After all that being done I was left with the problem of sticker and the task of finding someone who would be able to get the stickers done according to scale and the only person I was going to trust
With that was the person who did the real car so I contacted him and personally sat with him measuring the body and cutting the stickers so it would be done perfect. The outcome speaks for itself as you see the stickers are 100% on scale which made me happy.

Lastly to make the body look identical, I had to search for the replica rims which I found at one of my team mates RC garage. Also I was left to build a roll cage which I used styrene to build
it out of. The most fun part was adding on all the accessories which were all 3D printed and then bolted on.

I would like to send a shout out to Brendan for allowing me to build this replica bodyshell of his real drift machine , Katana Racing Group for the great parts they provide.

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To see my future builds plenty more to come, Watch the space.

Jared Govender

Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Midlands Drift Society best street shell

Drift Talk: Midlands Drift Society best street shell

Yesterday was a very interesting day on social media opinions were shared and tempers were flared but ultimately positivity ruled the day, thankfully for as many fan boys this hobby has there are just as many rational thinking people who helped people see sense. I would like to say I am a rational thinker but sadly I am not.

Anyway let’s not dwell on things, yesterday I spoke about bodyshells and styling which a lot of people responded to so here is the thing MDS has decided that at their 29th of April event they are doing a best shell comp, there are a few rules to this comp however so here they are.

RULE 1: You have to attend the event on the 29th of April to enter the comp, this will obviously rule out some of our readers (but stay tuned to the Facebook page later in the week for a comp from Yokomuki RC.)

RULE 2: We are looking at street style bodies, nice and clean with plenty of attitude, we will be judging on stance & fitment as well as detail.

As far as rules go that is about it, so what is in it for you well here is a list of what you get in return for entering should you win.

  • Your winning shell will be featured in issue 3 of the One/Ten Drift E-zine
  • Yokomuki RC & One/Ten Sticker Pack
  • Team Lowlife Stickers
  • MDS stickers
  • Various Detailing items (To be confirmed)
  • Free entry to an MDS event
  • We will even throw in a free cup of tea or coffee 😉

The competition will be judge by members of MDS, Yokomuki, team lowlife and Trampdrift, there will be some stickers going for 2nd and 3rd place to.

So get over to MDS on the 29th take part and enjoy an epic day of drifting.




Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Bodyshells, what do you like and why?

Drift Talk: Bodyshells, what do you like and why?

Been a few days since we talked rubbish and I thought you might be missing us, so let’s talk bodyshells what style do you like Jap, German, American Muscle? What’s your favourite brand?
Or what brand are you made to think is the best?

First off what shells do I like?

I have been around a while and I am by no means the best when it comes to bodyshells I paint them destroy them and move on. I have tried most brands over the years, Yokomo was always my brand of choice great detail lots of accessories and stickers with each shell for around £40 to £50 depending where you got it from. However they have changed all that and have become far too expensive when you factor in everything is now sold separately. My last Yokomo body wasn’t even that great when it came to quality.

Over the last few years I have found Matrixline stuff to be okay for the money and for a quick basher you can’t go wrong with HPI they’re not perfect but they are cheap. Tamiya have always been fantastic in my opinion great detail and who doesn’t love Tamiya. I have had a few Pandora bodies and they offer some quite quirky shells and they have got better over the years, their decals could be better.

One brand that has impressed me though is Killer Body, their shells are very well priced and you get tonnes with each kit and the detail is fantastic our very own slideshow has their crown and it is fantastic. They have some cool shells out and are bringing new stuff to market all the time.


I don’t really have a favourite style personally if it is done right any shell can look cool, I was at Ratrap the weekend and naturally you see some epic bodies up there from clean street shells to epic drift missiles. Our very own Dud the stud has picked up an epic Chevy shell which looks the nuts going round the track.

I think shells are just a cool way to express yourself so I don’t stick to a certain style with mine although you can guarantee 9 out of 10 shells will be black…..

So let us know what floats your boat, do you agree with me or do you have different opinions on the above.

We will be featuring some awesome shells in issue 3 that have been sent in so keep an eye out for that.




Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Tim Ansell – Unit 4

Our first quick fire blog in the new Drift Talk series pays homage to the legend that is Tim Ansell of Unit 4, Tim builds some of the most epic bodyshells from clean paint jobs to beaters with the odd replica thrown in for good measure.

Tim’s attention to detail is fantastic, when you get up close to his work you notice all the extra little touches that set his work apart, from beautiful dashboards to scratch built panels and other body parts. If you haven’t already checked his work out get yourself over to Unit 4 and immerse yourself in bodyshell heaven, who knows you may end up owning one of these works of art.

Look out for more killer bodies and master builders in future blogs.