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Drift Talk: Starter chassis

What is the starter chassis’ is a big question for newbies I know the Sakura D4 is a popular choice these days due to being available at around the £100 mark but factor in the electrics, bodyshell and radio gear the cost soon mounts up. RC Model Shop Direct hit the nail on the head today with their offering the MST Ms-01D RTR it is a perfect starter chassis and comes with everything you need apart from a battery and charger.

The MS-01 can be tuned to VIP standards and can grow with you through the hobby our very own Slideshow Bob has a crazy upgraded MS-01 which he has even converted to rear wheel drive in the past.

Get over to RC Model Shop Direct to pick one up and support a UK stockist.

MST-Brushless-RTR (1)

Here is the spec from MST


The MS-01D RTR is a robust, easy to maintain machine that includes a genuine, pre-painted Official Tamiya body as part of the kit.

Scale : 1:10
Wheelbase : Standard 257mm (changeability 255mm – 259mm)
Trackwidth : Standard 186mm (changeability 186mm – 190mm)
Gear ratio : 2.0 ( 36T/18T )
Drive system : 2 belts / 4WD
Damper : Oil filled dampers
Suspension : A arm (Double wishbone) w/pillowball suspension system
Steering tie rod : Division into three
Bearing: Full ball bearings
Caster : 4, 7, 10, 14 degrees adjustment
Camber : 0 to –12 degrees adjustment


  • 95% Pre-assembled chassis. Just grease your drive shafts and attach a few parts then you’re up and running!
  • Pre-painted genuine Tamiya body
  • Carbon Fibre look top decks
  • Strong “flex” lower chassis design
  • Front one way diff
  • Rear spool unit
  • Steel front CVD and rear CVA drive shafts
  • Full ball bearing set
  • Oil-filled dampers front and rear (oil sold separately)
  • 2 belt drive system
  • Includes wheels and tyres!
Drift Talk

Drift Talk: Yokomo YD-4MR

Yokomo are really stepping things up at the minute with the success of the YD-4 and YD-2 comes the YD4-4MR the mid motor option.

Here is the announcement from Yokomo

“New Release information (September 12th, 2016)
Our flagship AWD drift chassis the YD-4 achieved its first victory at the D1:10 World Championships in Holland 2015, proving its amazing capability on any type of surface or track layout. It has continued to dominate at events around the world since its release last year. However, we recognize the variety of drifting styles and skills that are required for different size and different characteristics of each track and your specific needs The YD-4MR was developed using feedback from some of the world best drivers and allows you to drive a mid-motor option of the original YD-4. The YD-4MR will be available in a full kit or as an optional extra upgrade package for existing YD-4 owners The mid mount motor gives different weight transfer characteristics still with the LCG design in mind. It also improves the high speed snap/transition on high grip surfaces such as carpet. Compared to the standard layout of the YD-4 which has excellent stability and high traction as standard. Designed for competition-minded drifters the YD-4 and YD-4MR. Our high quality carbon fibre is still used throughout the chassis, upper deck and shock towers just as the original YD-4. The YD-4 series is a proven winner and now the mid motor option will allow this to continue pushing the boundaries of rc drift competition.

LCG design for quicker response and drift performance

Shaft drive 4WD with sealed gear box

High rigidity matt finish carbon fiber double deck chassis

Super low flex 4mm thick matt finish carbon fiber shock towers

Rear mid motor mount layout for dynamic weight shift and performance

Improved drivability by concentrating the weight mass in the center of the chassis

Maximum steering angle with reliable C-Hub design combined with low flex wishbones

Narrow scrub radius knuckles

Front one way included

FCD 1.3, Rear overdrive spool included

Alu slide rack steering system for perfect steering angle and Ackerman adjustment

Chassis accepts standard and shorty battery pack with no additional parts

P.S. Thank you for Mathew Tunks, helping the English translation.”


Drift Talk

Drift Talk: The Xpresso K1

We had had to do a little feature on the Expresso K1 chassis this funky little thing only has a 170mm wheelbase so sits smaller than the Tamiya M chassis and is suitable for drifting or touring out the box.

The chassis is designed to take Tamiya wheelie bodies and packs some really nice features which help the chassis accept standard 1/10 electrics, the servo sits in line with the steering arms and the battery mounts laterally across the chassis leaving just enough room for your ESC and receiver. To add to the clever set up the K1 also has a carbon fibre chassis and ally bulkheads and adjustable shocks the type of features reserved for top end Yokomo and MST models.

I would personally really like to have a blast with one of these around the MDS track they look bags of fun.

For more info on the K1 check out the Xpress website.

To get your hands on one get over to RC Mart


Bodyshells & Builders

Drift Talk: Tim Ansell – Unit 4

Our first quick fire blog in the new Drift Talk series pays homage to the legend that is Tim Ansell of Unit 4, Tim builds some of the most epic bodyshells from clean paint jobs to beaters with the odd replica thrown in for good measure.

Tim’s attention to detail is fantastic, when you get up close to his work you notice all the extra little touches that set his work apart, from beautiful dashboards to scratch built panels and other body parts. If you haven’t already checked his work out get yourself over to Unit 4 and immerse yourself in bodyshell heaven, who knows you may end up owning one of these works of art.

Look out for more killer bodies and master builders in future blogs.