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Drift Talk: Places to drift in the UK

Drift Talk: Places to drift in the UK

There are places to drift in the UK, yes some have closed but for every one that closes another one opens. I would love to get round to them all but the wife only allows me so many drift tokens a month but there are a number of tracks scattered around all run by people for the right reason.

Drifting is on the up I firmly believe that and with more and more groups working together and supporting each other I think the drift community will continue to thrive. After my article about drifting being to niche I have come to the conclusion after the red mist settled we probably are a little niche. We won’t always be though because we will all work hard to further the drifting here in England and across the UK.

So here is a link to a page on our site where you can find a list of tracks in the UK with links to their Facebook pages and Groups, if you run a track and it’s not on there get in touch with us through Facebook or email us at yokomukirc@hotmail.com and we will get you added straight away.

If you look on the list and there is nowhere near you to drift just get your ass down to a local car park and have some fun with your chassis, most of started out that way.

Enjoy drifting this weekend wherever you end up


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Drift Talk: We need content, we need you!

Drift Talk: We need content, we need you!

Today is all about the magazine, we love producing the One/Ten Drift Ezine it has opened so many doors for Yokomuki RC over the last 6 months, we have been able to speak to some amazing people in the hobby. Issue 4 is currently in the works but some content is lacking. So this is an appeal to the RC drift community because after all this magazine is for you guys, we need content to keep the magazine going.

We don’t want to ramble about rubbish in the mag we want to showcase the good stuff people do in the hobby. That is where you guys come in, we are looking for write up, interviews with teams, track owners, individuals anybody and everybody. It doesn’t matter if you compete at the highest level or just travel round the country you live in supporting tracks and clubs. The long and short of things is we can’t make this mag without you guys.

Below is the type of things we are looking for,

Drift Clubs

If you run a drift club anywhere in the world and want to show off your hard work, write up about how you got started, how often you run event, the people involved with the club. Give us all your details and we can put it in.

Drift Teams

Show off your team, talk about each member and what sets your team apart from others. Where do you drift, why/how did you become a team. It doesn’t matter about how long you have been together or if you don’t compete we just want to hear about the fun you have as a team.


Driver profiles are always cool we have a profile in issue 4 about Manny Dori Neto, so if you have just smashed a comp or simply just drift as much as you can because you love drifting tell us your story.

Small independent Manufacturers

We don’t run the mag to make money in fact we make nothing from it, so when it comes to smaller manufacturers who don’t have big marketing budgets. We will happily help you out with a feature on your products or just simply tell your story. We won’t be doing this for big companies, we want to help the little guy. Issue 4 we have the story of Vivian Grobler and SRC.

Anything interesting

If you feel you have something worth talking about like technique, bodyshells, the drift scene where you live or just something you think will interest drifters get it down and get it out there.

One thing we get a lot is people are scared to write, they don’t know how they should go about it. To these people I always say the same thing just write it how you talk don’t try and over complicate things with big words because you think that is what people want to read. Just imagine you are sitting down talking to somebody and write in that style that is what comes most naturally and once you get started it is hard to stop.

Get in touch with us on Facebook and we will help as much as we can and give loose deadlines for people to work too.

Thanks for reading


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Drift Talk: Drifting is too Niche

Drift Talk: Drifting is too Niche

“Drifting is too niche” is a term I have heard a lot these last few days and I am sick of hearing it. So today I am having a fucking rant, I haven’t had one for a while. As some of you know MDS are running a sweet ass event at JAE this year you can find more details here. As the guy who gets lumped with the talking and what not for the group it has been my job to get support for this event from major brands. Well I can officially say that seems an impossible task.

Originally I thought companies would jump at the opportunity to get involved it is relatively cheap to exhibit there as part of the RC show, it has a huge captive audience and with us being able to run demos etc. it would have been a great chance to shift RTR kits to people and get more people involved. So I have contacted a lot of people over the last few days some just can’t sell to the public which is fine but then this “drifting is to niche” shit crops up.

The UK is a joke when it comes to drifting no major brands bother with the UK there is a distinct lack of distribution over here. Drifting will always be bloody niche if nobody takes a punt on it, you hear people piss and moan about drifters don’t support local hobby shops, how can they support a shop that stocks nothing they need. The old chestnut is well drifters buy from Japan or China because it’s cheaper I call bullshit again, you buy from RC Mart, RC Art etc. because you simply can’t get the stuff here. There are a few independent sellers who are busting a nut trying to make sure the UK has some kind of supply of drift stuff.

The problem is in the UK anyone who has tried to sell drift stuff in the UK has tried to exploit the market by charging silly prices. Me personally I would rather pay a few quid more and get something from the UK it means you have some support if something goes wrong, but not when it’s clear you are being ripped off. Drifting seems a dirty word in RC but yet has arguably one of the best communities of people supporting it out of all other forms, everybody is helpful and encourage the next generation of RC fans.

You look at how drifting is expanding overseas the scale of it in places like Japan etc. it is massive it has grown in the UK but only because the UK drifters push for that. I am not saying running a model shop is a walk in the park, I was in the industry I have seen the costs involved with having a shop and what not, but the fact is at the time I was in the industry the only thing distributed in the UK was Yokomo that has completely dried up now and is brought in to the UK from other shops in Europe meaning that the price is too high.

So yeah we are a niche group in the regard that nobody really gives a shit about expanding the drifting scene in the UK other than the guys doing it. It will take a company with some balls to stand up and take responsibility and nurture the distribution, it isn’t something that will happen overnight it will take time but look at how scaling has taken off over the last few years, look at the major brands that have got involved. Scaling was very much a niche market but my god has that changed so how did they manage it is the question.

Anyway rant over….


Matt the grumpy drifter


Check out the mag here

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Drift Talk: RWD Setup advice for beginners by Presta…

Drift Talk: RWD Setup advice for beginners by Presta Zmarsa

We have been sent this pretty in depth setup guide for people running RWD, it is very informative and could be a very useful tool to those new to the hobby. You will find explanations about suspension, castor, camber, toe and how changes effect the handling of your chassis. Massive respect to Presta for taking the time to put this together.


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Drift Talk: A new championship and the scope for…

Drift Talk: A new championship and the scope for change

Yesterday talk started to circulate about a potential new championship in the UK, one run by the community for the community. No LHS backing just clubs getting together to put on a competition, as always these kind of things will depend heavily on people agreeing to certain things. It is a great talking point really, what would you like to see from a new UK series?

I was thinking about what I would like to see so I thought I would put what I think out there and see how people’s opinions differ from my own.

I would like to see the following:


Both to be run, the CS revival is in full swing and a lot of people dabble with both. However I would like to see these ran at totally different weekends so if you ran say a 5 round championship it could go over 10 months so for example round 1 of the RWD in august then round 1 of the CS in September, round 2 of the RWD in October and so on. I think this would give people who like to do both the opportunity to get their skills and chassis up to par between rounds rather than doing both disciplines in one weekend.


Judging is obviously called in to question sometimes when people don’t agree with decisions, so a full set of rules and what will be judged should be agreed by all involved. Then you need fair impartial judging this will help eliminate any arguments (Hopefully).

Media exposure

I would like to see full media coverage, each round to be well publicised with full event write ups and great images. Obviously we would be prepared to help with this aspect of things through our blogs and magazine. I think a lot more could be done to show off the drift scene in the UK if people are prepared to put in the work, in just 3 issue of our magazine we have been downloaded all over the world but without people providing content it makes it difficult for the mag to get anywhere. It sometimes feels like the UK is a closed book that needs to change.


I am a firm believer that competing isn’t fun it is high pressure, however it seems a lot of people enjoy competing for having a laugh. I have never been one of the “it’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts” brigade, if I compete I want to win if I lose I get pissed off with myself. Maybe throughout an event some fun comps could be introduced like run the wall, drift parking etc. to break things up a little.

Multiple locations

Each event needs to be hosted at a different venue that way you would only get home track advantage once throughout the competition. With each venue comes a new set of challenges in terms of layouts available some venues will allow for wide more flowing tracks where others will be tighter and more technical due to space available.


These are just my thoughts on what will work, I can’t wait to see where this potential championship goes and Yokomuki will help wherever we can and support it as much as possible.




Drift Talk: Awesome drift weekend

Drift Talk: Awesome drift weekend

Blogs have been a bit slow lately and for good reason, mainly I have ran out of stuff to write about but I felt I needed to write about our weekend because it was freaking awesome. Saturday morning a much reduced Yokomuki team headed to the grand opening of Unit 4’s new drift track, Saturdays team was low on numbers with Slideshow out in Holland and Lee getting ready to head to France with work, Dave was due to come but has been under the weather (get well soon brother) so that left just me, Daz and Ash.

Unit 4 & Ratrap

Apart from it being insanely hot on the day so the vast majority of people were melting all day, Unit 4 was awesome the carpet was a little grippy but with a secret magic ingredient that was soon rectified and allowed for an epic days drifting. The layout was tidy and kept everyone at nice consistent speeds and the barriers were very well thought out and cushioned your car when you found yourself running in to them. It was a fantastic turnout with people heading there from all over the country, Ratrap RC and MDS were also in attendance to show their support.

Dale from Asbo-RC was on hand with his store to tempt the people in attendance to dust off their wallets, he ran some great raffles throughout the day. It is great to see how far Dale has come when I first met him he had just started selling Usukani bits from a little tin now he has a massive range of products.

Saturday took an unexpected turn when me and Daz decided to head back up the M1 with the guys from Ratrap for an evening at the epic NRD. Two tracks in one day I was definitely cashing in all my drift tokens with the wife. After getting back up to Ratrap we had a little drift but mainly sat and had a laugh people were dropping like fly’s due to the heat. By half 11 we were done the concentration had gone, we packed up and headed home after an awesome day.

I was pretty happy with how the YD-2 was handling still not quite where I want it but it was much better than its last outing, I am really starting to see the benefits of the Usukani upgrades, the change of servo also really helped as my gyro wasn’t cutting out. We had our new sticker designs with us which seemed to go down really well lots of people were rocking them by the end of the day. I spent a lot of time talking with Dan (Ratrap) we have some pretty cool ideas for content for the magazine and website, having Ratrap on-board is going to be priceless, they have always had the communities best interests at heart rather than lining their pockets like some people.

We also got our first care package from our sponsor Sideways RC (SRC) and we were blown away there was tonnes of stuff, we have some pretty good plans for what we are going to with it all stay tuned for more info.

The community 

I don’t want to sour a good weekend with negativity but the weekend ended with negativity, in the UK we are blessed with a great community of drifters who support each other this was on show at Unit 4 with other track owners being in attendance. Sadly it seems that there are small pockets within the hobby who seem to rub against this idea and take a rather billy big bollox approach to it. Thankfully they don’t undo all the hard work that people have put in to the hobby and the UK is thriving with great tracks and people who travel and support each other.

It is our birthday drift at MDS Saturday and we are not hammering people if they have never been to come and check us out we are happy to just go with the flow, you will find all members of MDS drifting at places like WRCC, Ratrap, Stockport drifters or Unit 4 because that is where this community is forming and hopefully more and more venues will become part of it because when we all drift together it is such a good laugh.

Finally a big well done to the guys returning from the worlds, it was awesome to see you all out there supporting each other and having fun you did the UK proud. We even spotted a few Yokomuki stickers which was awesome, thank you to everybody who agreed to have one.

Cheers for reading



Some extra images from the weekend from Anything Goes Photography


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