Drift Talk: The CS revival

Drift Talk

Drift Talk: The CS revival

After my Monday morning vent I thought I would talk about something far more pleasant, recently CS has made comeback (Typical after I finally got myself a RWD chassis) far more CS cars are now on track which is a breath of fresh air after RWD seemingly took over. I made my my return to CS on Saturday at NRD with my old xxx-d which hasn’t been run for over 12 months and I have to say after an hour or so I was really enjoying myself it took a little while to get back in to the swing of things. Since I last ran CS the ethos behind it seems to have changed a lot it is very much a case with the people who are championing CS at the minute trying to make it work with RWD.

The speed difference that used to be there isn’t as noticeable anymore with the advances in RWD, the two really can work side by side now with the right people at the controller anyway. I found that if you were following the same line you could really regulate your speed to drift with the guys running RWD. The two of them working together will always boil down to peoples attitude, but I think with how things are progressing there is space in the drift world for both.

As with anything it is about adapting to what is around you, if you find yourself on track with a load of RWD drivers you just adapt to their speed and get on with it, a good drifter can always adapt. I have watched our very own “big deal” Dave run CS in a train with some of the best RWD drifters in the country, likewise Slideshow always holds his own running RWD with a load of CS drivers. I don’t think either way is right or wrong as long as you are having fun that’s all that matters, we can all be one big happy drift family.

Track layout is always a great way to keep people in check slowing people down in the right spots and helping to keep everyone consistent it is something the current layout at Ratrap does very well.