Drift Talk: What is your favourite bodyshell ever?

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Drift Talk: What is your favourite bodyshell ever?

Hello, yes we are still alive and today is time for some waffle! I have been off setting up my own website and Facebook page for a personal project and it appears the rest of the team has been busy! I have the Timehop app and not long ago it flagged up a gem from my past which is the reason for today’s blog.

It flagged up this my old Yokomo FC body.

So I am going to talk bodyshells for a minute, I have been drifting for a while and have had my fair share of shells (See the addiction blog) this shell however is my all-time favourite. It was one of my first Yokomo bodies and it was perfect. I loved drifting with this shell, I have never enjoyed drifting with another shell as much as I did with this. I knew exactly where to put it through corners and could get its ass right up the barriers at Radshape (which was brave those things were metal and when you hit them your bodyshell showed the scars).

People have mentioned in the past how certain shells drift differently to others and there is definitely some truth in it. You get used to certain reference points on your shell when drifting which help you judge things, how close you are to wall for example. I am sure after a few laps most people will get used to a shell but I do think some suit you better than others.

I have fancied an E30 shell for a while, when I finally got one I hated it tried running it for a while but just couldn’t get to grips with it. The FC clicked straight away for me and I had this shell for a long time sadly I don’t think Yokomo make it anymore and the one in the photo has long gone. These days I tend to stick with S chassis bodies and get on okay with them.

So what shells do you prefer to drift with and what is your favourite shell?

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Hopefully we will bang out a few more blogs in the near future, I have been busy writing about nostalgic rubbish over on my own page Eight84 (Shameless plug)

Cheers for reading