Drift Talk: The growing prices and pressure on RC drifters

Drift Talk

Drift Talk: The growing prices and pressure on RC…

The growing prices and pressure on RC drifters is the subject of today’s drift talk. Not many days go by without seeing some new sexy drift part or chassis being announced on social media. The rate of development at the minute is insane. I’m not saying it is a bad thing in fact it is awesome that the boundaries are being pushed so much, but how is that effecting the market.

New products a plenty

Take for example the YD-2, last Christmas I picked up the standard plastic version and was delighted with it’s out the box performance but since the initial release of the YD-2 and the YD-2 Plus we have had the YD-2 EX and now Yokomo have announced the YD-2S Plus, So in less than 12 months my chassis is now 3 models old.  With each new chassis you see the price point increase, obviously each version has new bells and whistles on it which improve the performance.

The latest Overdose Gyro the DAIS comes in at three times the price of my gyro but it does a hell of a lot for the money and has been branded revolutionary by some. With this revolution comes huge prices, upgrade costs are insane as well and some are just purely for a bit of chassis bling (Which most of us are guilty of having).

The second hand market

The rate of improvement and the rising cost of products has all but shafted the chances of you getting good money for your chassis should you want to sell it. I have recently seen MST XXX-D HT VIPs going for as little as 200 quid with upgrades, a chassis that would cost in excess of 500 without any upgrades new. The harsh reality is that even though it is a sensational chassis it is well dated now, I tried to sell mine a few months ago and some of the offers being made were to be fair were insulting, you can’t blame people for trying to bag a bargain though. I decided I would rather keep mine than take a low offer (Proved to be a good decision as I have ended up using it again as my CS chassis)

The pressures

I don’t know if this is the same for everybody but I feel the pressure a little bit with all the new products and advances in tech it is easy to feel left behind. I don’t knock anybody who can keep up with the trends and the latest products but for a guy with a wife and two kids and an average paying job I just can’t afford or justify the very top end of the hobby. This does get me down when you see all the cool stuff around but know you will never be able to afford any of it, The reality is if you save your dosh up for a while to buy something it will have taken that long that by the time you buy it a month later the next best thing will be out. Then you are left with something worth half of what you paid for it.

I am not saying this hampers my enjoyment of drifting or by having the latest stuff makes you a better drifter. It just sucks a little that I can’t afford the cooler end of the hobby anymore and I guess the gap will continue to grow as the improvements continue.

It would be interesting to hear what you guys think and how you feel about drifting, are you drifting on a budget or is money no object and you have the best of everything. If you have the high end stuff are you happy with it do you think it makes a huge difference. If you are on a budget or middle of the road drifter are you happy with that or would you like the high end stuff.




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