Drift Talk: Usukani YD-2 upgrades part 2

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Drift Talk: Usukani YD-2 upgrades part 2

I was recently sent some new upgrades from Usukani for the YD-2 I haven’t fitted them all yet because the last time I changed loads all at once it took a while to get the chassis handling right. So this time round I have been a little more methodical with things. I changed the rear diff for the new Usukani 7075 AL Integrated Rear Solid Axle Set with Ceramic Coating and added the Usukani x Sanying/High centre of gravity/AL Motor Mount + Fan Holder US88138.

Let’s start with the motor mount, my Yokomuki team mate Slideshow Bob has been banging on about the benefits of a high motor mount for a while after adding one to his D4 so I was delighted when Usukani sent one through to test.

As with all Usukani parts it was nicely packaged and very well finished but let’s not bore you with that, it was simple to install and done in a matter of minutes. I have to say for me it made the world of difference on my first run with it. I noticed an instant difference in how the car handled the change to the way the chassis transitioned was just what I have been looking for. With the weight shifted higher up I found I could be far more aggressive on entering a drift and exiting the corner I was able to get the power down much quicker the upgrade certainly helped with the rear grip level on my chassis.

I am not saying everyone will have the same results it depends on how you chassis is set up and how you like to drive. For around £23 from Asbo-RC it is well worth experimenting with one on your YD-2, personally I am over the moon with the upgrade and it is definitely staying on the chassis. It looks great as well which is a bonus, in the void left by the motor I am tempted to shift my ESC and receiver in to the gap.


The diff was a little harder to spot in terms of the difference it made, I certainly had a more direct throttle response on the carpet at MDS. The diff fit perfectly and again was a relatively straight forward job to do. Again the diff won’t break the bank so it is worth experimenting with.


I still have version 2 front lower and upper arms to fit so I will get that done and review them in part 3 of my Usukani YD-2 build. The chassis is very close to where I want it to be now and the Usukani upgrades I have used have all made a huge difference to the chassis, but how my chassis drives may not be to everyone’s taste but I bloody love it.


For all your Usukani parts in the UK contact Dale at Asbo-RC.


See you track side




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