Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

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Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

Last night the first draft of issue 4 was completed, after a few mistakes crept in to the last issue it has gone out to several people to proof read to avoid any further mistakes making the final draft. Once everything has come back and any edits are made it will have the final spit and polish and then be put live on our website.

What is in issue 4?

This issue has taken a while to put together due to people being focussed on the worlds (totally understandable) some content was late arriving and some have been pushed back to the next issue. That said there is some great stuff in issue 4.

Team Run – We find out about Craig McGurk’s new project.

MDS – One year on – We take a look at MDS and their first year of events and their birthday event.

Vivian Grobler – We catch up with the man behind SRC and find out how he does what he does.

Manny Dori Neto – Manny talks us through his journey in to RC drifting and competing at the worlds.

Interviewing Bagi San – Presta Zmarsa chats to the legend of RC drifting.

Bad Ass Bodyshells – We have another selection of epic shells.

These mags although short take a lot of putting together I have never really sat and worked out how many hours go in to each one but it is a lot, so as much as we try to avoid mistakes if the odd one gets through we apologise. Perhaps we could take on a few more proof readers for the next issue.



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