Drift Talk: Wheel Addiction

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Drift Talk: Wheel Addiction

Today is a bit of a change from our usual top quality blogs, Matt is running himself ragged as always trying to do everything so I figured we could give him a little break from being superman. So here it is, my first blog for you all.

Addictions. We all have at least one and we have touched on this in the past with bodyshell addiction but we seem to have let another addiction slip through. Until now. I’ve not been drifting for that long really, not compared to some of the old timers in the U.k scene. This doesn’t stop me having a healthy supply of wheels, in fact I have over 20 different sets, some I prefer to use and abuse, others are left on the display chassis as I like them so much I refuse to use them. I would say I’m not alone either when I admit that for every new bodyshell I make, I buy at least one more set of wheels.

So, the symptoms of this rather serious affliction:

  • The most serious, as I said above, New body, New wheels. Not happy with those wheels? Yeh, that’s fine, Ill pop them in a box and buy another set.
  • More than one set of the same wheels? But, but, but they look so good in every colour!
  • Hiding them, I know Mr Tim Ansell over at Unit4 is a culprit of this. Let’s face it, the other half doesn’t need to know how many sets you have.
  • That one proper pretty set, the ones that never turn because let’s face it, they’re rare, honest.

With all that said, it’s time to hear what you guys say on this rather distressing subject. How many sets have you got? Don’t forget, pictures or it never happened. Do you suffer from the “New shell, new wheels” problem? Also, let’s see those killer display only wheels.

And finally. “Hello, my name is Ash and I suffer from a wheel addiction.” Ahhh, much better.