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Drift Track Etiquette

We wrote an article about track etiquette last year and it was pretty well received at the time, the hobby has come a long way since and has seen a wealth of “noobs” join the drift world. This is due to clubs and people creating geat tracks and the cost of getting in to the hobby reducing massively thanks to models like the D4 and YD2.


The standard of drifting here in the UK has also improved massively with people trying to drift together and get drift trains going. At MDS we see a lot of new faces coming through the door at each event and for the most part these noobs respect the track and the people on it, some however don’t naturally pick up on track behaviour. It falls to someone to put a hand on their shoulder and say “this aint racing try this” which isn’t always the most comfortable conversation to have with someone when they have paid to use the venue.

So with that in mind below are some simple things you can outline to newcomers to get them up to speed.

1, it is drifting not racing, it’s not about how fast you go round the track if you want to go fast join a racing club. If you find yourself behind a train of cars all trying to drift together don’t smash through them it’s NOT COOL hang back let them do their thing, better still try and join in drifting with better drifters will help you improve.

2, If you spin out wait for the cars behind to pass don’t pull straight back on to the line and cause a collision. In most cases you are better to just not move trying to avoid people only leads to more carnage.

3, Have respect for the cars on track some people have invested thousands in their chassis and spent hundreds on bodyshells.

4, Observe the recommended drift line at each track it is there to help you improve and have more fun. These are normally indicated by lines on the track and clip boxes following these will help you understand the way everybody else is drifting.

5, the track owners have spent a lot of time and money building their track smashing the hell out of them is again NOT COOL. If you get stuck don’t sit and spin the hell out of your wheels this can damage the carpet simply go and retrieve your car.

6, Drifters are a friendly bunch don’t be afraid to speak to people, ask for advice people will always be willing to help because the more people drifting at a high standard the more fun it is for everyone. Everybody wants drifting to reach a certain standard in the UK and folk are more than happy to take time to sit down and explain things.

7, If you are trying to get in a train and give someone a love nudge by mistake nobody is going to flip their shit at you because you are trying to drift and people appreciate that. As long as you are sticking to the same speed as everyone else you will be fine.

Have fun, have respect

Matt Ellis RC


Yokomuki RC

Images taken at Midlands Drift Society