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Drift Talk: Let’s get nostalgic for a moment!

I have been taking a break from drifting lately due to some family stuff taking priority and the time away has been a blessing in disguise. Taking a break has helped me realise you can take things to seriously in life and forget why you started something in the first place. I have dedicated a

Drift Talk: Team shells Ratrap style.

Team shells, there are many of them about these days but one team has taken things to another level with their latest creations. The guys from Ratrap RC have always had a unique style but their new team shells are insane. I was up at NRD when they were prepping and painting them earlier this

Drift Talk: Whats coming in issue 4

Last night the first draft of issue 4 was completed, after a few mistakes crept in to the last issue it has gone out to several people to proof read to avoid any further mistakes making the final draft. Once everything has come back and any edits are made it will have the final spit

Drift Talk: The CS revival

After my Monday morning vent I thought I would talk about something far more pleasant, recently CS has made comeback (Typical after I finally got myself a RWD chassis) far more CS cars are now on track which is a breath of fresh air after RWD seemingly took over. I made my my return to

Drift Talk: MDS and a Monday morning moan about…

Drift Talk: MDS and a Monday morning moan about stuff. It’s Monday, it’s time to moan but it’s not all moaning there is some MDS news in here amongst the moaning and general observations. MDS @ JAE MDS @ JAE, myself and the rest of the MDS crew have been invited to put on a

Drift Talk: Team Tramdrift, Ratrap and issue 4 we…

Drift Talk: Team Tramdrift, Ratrap and issue 4 we have been busy! It’s been a slow week on the page, we haven’t really blogged much other than to discuss that terrible bodyshell addiction problem. However it has been a pretty busy couple of weeks behind the scenes, earlier this week we announced a new member