A positive look at drifting

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A positive look at drifting

I have been taking a break from writing about drift stuff, I have been sat on the side-lines watching and reading stuff and observing the current goings on. I have spoken to various people in the hobby who I haven’t really spoke to before and tried to look at the hobby differently. By speaking to other people I have realised that elitism doesn’t exist (I hold my hand up to thinking it did) some people just have a bigger budget than others. Speaking to Overdose fans has been a real eye opener for me and learning more about the brand and what it offers. I think people (myself included) have been a little to wrapped up in budgets etc. to see how truly epic their stuff is.

Speaking to people who own the really high end stuff has been very positive for my outlook on drifting, these guys don’t think they are any better than the plastic YD owner they have just invested more money in their chassis. Understanding why they like Overdose and other high end brands makes sense, they don’t believe owning these makes you a better drifter.

I will hold my hands up and admit to being negative in the past but when you cut to the core of it we are all the same. We all do this because we enjoy it, some like to compete and some don’t but when we are all on track we have fun and really that is what this hobby is about. It isn’t about siding with people in arguments or club rivalry, the reality is there is no club rivalry not that I am aware of any way. People will drift where they want and that is up to them, some will travel and some won’t but it doesn’t matter as long as they are helping one track keep its doors open.

Social media is a great thing for promoting the hobby, it is also a terrible thing as well because all the issues you see on Facebook never translate to venues. I have never been to a venue and experienced any hostility or bad atmosphere whether that is MDS, Unit 4, WRCC or NRD I have only ever seen people enjoying themselves. So clearly there isn’t really any issues in the real world away from a keyboard.

I would also like to congratulate Dan Cotton and everybody else involved with getting a qualifying round sorted for the worlds. It is a really positive step for drifting and will insure that only the very best drifter’s end up representing the UK. Also it means everybody will have a fair shot at getting over to the worlds. I hope everybody embraces the idea and gets behind it.

Thought I would write something positive for a change, hope to see you all soon I am back off to write geeky stuff.