RC Drifting is about having fun, lets not forget that!

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RC Drifting is about having fun, lets not forget…

RC Drifting is about having fun, lets not forget that!

I have been taking a back seat recently and have been looking at drifting from the outside, seeing people packing up and leaving the hobby, people bickering and the so called “Banter bus” rolling along crushing all in its way. There has been a certain level toxicity in the hobby at the minute, lots of jealousy and bad feeling.

I had sort of made the decision that after JAE with MDS I was walking away from drifting, I have had a tough 18 months and have found myself enjoying drifting less and less. I had kept my decision to myself and my mind was made up but Saturday at MDS changed my mind all together. I had an epiphany of sorts while drifting at MDS.

I sat at my pit table and watched the crowd at MDS for a good while, doing this really opened my eyes to what this hobby is all about. As I sat looking around all the good in drifting was on show, people helping each other, friends laughing and joking, friendships being forged and some bloody good door to door drifting. When you cut through all the bullshit and bragging we are all in this hobby for the same reason, to have fun.

Whatever chassis you own, it doesn’t matter you started up to have fun. Those that can afford the best of everything should not be hated for it and those that are on a budget shouldn’t be frowned upon. Most people will embrace each other regardless of what budget they are on, there will always be a few bad eggs that want to spoil things and stir up shit that is life.

People who have put the effort in to running track or venue should be applauded for it regardless of how much detail or what surface they have, the time and effort involved is the same. Those who have started pages or groups to try and help should not be given shit if they get something wrong at least they are doing something positive. By all means point out the mistake but don’t be a dick about it. Too many good people leave this hobby and not enough is done to encourage people to take it up.

I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I have been negative in the past and a bit of dick, that stops now because that kind of shit doesn’t help anybody. I look at how far this hobby has come in such a short space of time and that is credit to everybody involved, it would be a shame to see it fall apart because of a few negative people.

World champ or newbie it doesn’t matter this hobby needs both to flourish. Of course some people go balls deep in to drifting and want to study technique and become the best they can be, others just want to have fun a couple of times a month and don’t really get involved with all the technical side of things and both attitudes are fine. What I think about drifting the next guy may not agree, it doesn’t mean one of us is right or wrong we may just share different attitudes to the hobby, doesn’t make one of us more important than the other either.

So let’s cut through all the crap and just see things for what they are we are a bunch of grownups playing with toy cars. Some people’s toy cars are more expensive than other people’s toy cars but when all is said and done they are still toy cars.

So whatever it is RWD, CS, 50/50, Overdose or Sakura just have fun and make friends because that is what RC is really all about.


Over and out