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Drift Talk Guest Blog: E46 BMW RC Replica bodyshell…

Drift Talk Guest Blog: E46 BMW RC Replica bodyshell for Brendan Puren

So as a beginner in the RC Drift scene I was asked by super drift series driver Brendan Puren if I could do a replica bodyshell build of his BMW, as beginner builder I quickly agreed and was really excited to start with the build.

The very next week I went to the local hobby store and purchased a HPI-Racing BMW M5 and bought two cans of (PS5) black. Cut the body and shaped the body to my liking, masked the windows so I could have the clear windows.

Unfortunately the HPI bodyshell did not come with a light kit so I was forced to use the sticker kit that was provided. I also got a HSP boot spoiler to go with it did a test fit then bolted it on to the body, which fitted awesome on this body.

After all that being done I was left with the problem of sticker and the task of finding someone who would be able to get the stickers done according to scale and the only person I was going to trust
With that was the person who did the real car so I contacted him and personally sat with him measuring the body and cutting the stickers so it would be done perfect. The outcome speaks for itself as you see the stickers are 100% on scale which made me happy.

Lastly to make the body look identical, I had to search for the replica rims which I found at one of my team mates RC garage. Also I was left to build a roll cage which I used styrene to build
it out of. The most fun part was adding on all the accessories which were all 3D printed and then bolted on.

I would like to send a shout out to Brendan for allowing me to build this replica bodyshell of his real drift machine , Katana Racing Group for the great parts they provide.

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To see my future builds plenty more to come, Watch the space.

Jared Govender

Drift Talk

Drift Talk: Get involved with the magazine.

Drift Talk: Get involved with the magazine.

We are busy pulling together issue 3 of our magazine, so we have to start thinking now about content for issue 4 and beyond. So we are throwing this out to you guys do you want to feature in a future issue of the mag? Below is a list of the type of stuff we are looking for.

  • Do you run a track that you want featuring? It can be a pop up track like ours at MDS or a permanent track like NRD. We want to show off people’s hard work and the effort people put in to keep this community alive. Your track can be anywhere in the world.
  • Are you part of a team that you would like to tell people about? Maybe you are heading to the worlds or you are just starting out it doesn’t really matter let us know.
  • Do you have a chassis that is to awesome not to share with the world? Tell us about it send in some pics let’s show that thing off.
  • Do you have some advice you think would help others? Set-up tips, guides to the best products etc get in touch.
  • Are you a genius when it comes to creating bodyshells lets show off your work.
  • Maybe you are just launching a cool new range of products and you want to show them off.

All of the above are completely free to feature, the mag is about spreading the word and showing off this awesome hobby to as many people as we can. So if you want to be involved get in touch and get involved. If you are proud of what you do then why not show it off the magazine is a great platform to get your work out there.

Check out the previous issues here to see what it’s all about.