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Drift Talk: Guest bloggers, we need you!

Guest bloggers, we need you!

We like to blog, we like to share our views on certain things but we know that sometimes people don’t agree or may have a different slant on something. So we are opening up our blog to guest bloggers, we can’t offer financial rewards for this but we can offer a platform for people to share their knowledge and insight in to the hobby.

Guest bloggers are welcome to link back to their own pages and groups (sharing is caring) our goal has always been to be a vital source of information and opinion. We will of course still voice ours but we want to share what other people think as well.

It is important to point out that we still want content for the magazine and if you want to share something massive about your team or track, it may be worth putting that to us for inclusion in to the magazine. The blog is more for people to share their opinions or tips, to spark discussion amongst the community.

So if you fancy a guest blogger spot get in touch with us via Facebook or you can email us at Yokomukirc@hotmail.com it doesn’t need to be regular stuff just as and when you feel like it, we won’t be making demands on timescales, word counts and all that crap.

Alternatively if you want to contribute to the magazine click here to see what we are after.

We would again like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for the tremendous support we have received over the last few years. We love doing what we do and your support makes it all worthwhile.

Many thanks,

Matt (Mr Yokomuki RC)


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Drift Talk: Your dream chassis?

Drift Talk: Your dream chassis?

Today I want to talk about your dream chassis, that chassis you always wanted to own. We have written some stuff recently that has divided opinion a little which we like as it gets people talking, today though is about being mushy and sentimental.

For me it wasn’t a specific chassis that I dreamed about originally it was more a brand, anything by that brand would do. Like most people I got in to the hobby watching YouTube videos and one brand always stood out and that was Yokomo. I was a budget drifter using the usual TT-01 followed by a TA-05 and finally a Sprint 2 but I had always wanted a Yokomo chassis. In late 2012 I landed a job in the hobby and it wasn’t long after that I was sent some info on the Yokomo DIB, it was love at first site.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one a few months later, I remember the day it arrived being like an excited kid at Christmas. I know the DIB is not everyone’s cup of tea but for me personally I love the chassis, I have had it for 4 years now and many other models have come and gone in that time but the DIB will always be my favourite.

It has changed a lot over the years it started life as a humble version one DIB it now has all 3 upgrade packs on it, runs 1.8 CS and drifts beautifully. It doesn’t see much of the track these days as it is semi-retired since I purchased the Yokomo YD-2 late last year and started to focus on RWD. For me Yokomo are still the best brand around, they are easy to set up and do the job straight out the box.

So people, let us know what your dream chassis is or was, do you own it now? Did it live up to your expectations?

As always get in touch via our Facebook page drop us a comment or message, let us know your thoughts.



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Drift Talk: Chassis options at great prices

Drift Talk: Chassis options at great prices

I was blown away by the response to the budget buyers guide the other day, however I think a few people overlooked what I said, and I didn’t say the items we suggested were the best on the market. What we actually said was we have used these items and can recommend them on that basis, we also recommended the D4 chassis as it can be purchased in RWD and CS configurations and this is why we overlooked the epic YD-2 as it is only RWD.

So today’s blog is about following up on the recommendations we made, so let’s throw some further options in to the mix.

We won’t go for crazy expensive stuff again, some of the options I have no experience of but they come highly recommended by others. I wont bore you with all the specs and boring bits, if you want to know more about a certain chassis let us know and we will see what we can do.


Street Jam OTA – R31 Gold Edition

Comes ready to run, with a very high spec for the price and is available from StreetJam.NL for just 280 Euros

Recommended by Captain Caveman himself so it can’t be that bad, after all he does organise the world championships

Street Jam Chassis
Street Jam RTR


Shaft driven CS drift chassis with the outstanding HT system available as chassis only for just under 200 Euros or you can go for the RTR for just shy of 400 Euros from RC Boss.

MST Shaft drive chassis


Belt driven chassis, one of the original MST models to come out but still holds its weight today available as a roller for just over 200 Euros from RC Boss.

Belt driven goodness

It is also worth mentioning that the XXX-D and MS-01D can be upgraded massively so they will last you a long time.


Yokomo YD-2

You can pick up the standard plastic edition which is phenomenal out of the box and has a wealth of upgrades available should you want them from Yokomo and also Usukani you can pick up the YD-2 for £175 from ASBO-RC

The epic YD-2

 MST RMX 2.0 S

The new kid on the block from MST which promises to offer stiff competition for the YD with huge flexibility when it comes to set-up again a steal at just under 200 Euros from RC Boss.

The new kid on the block

So there you go a few more options to look at and sink your teeth in to, take care have a good weekend and stay sideways



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Drift Talk: Some quick advice for noobs!

Drift Talk: Some quick advice for noobs!

First of all thank god (or whoever you believe in) it’s Friday, I was reading through our track etiquette blog yesterday (which received a great response, thank you) and it got me thinking what other advice could we give to the noobs.

I have seen a few posts recently on various groups with people asking questions about everything from what chassis to buy to what Lipo batteries and various other questions. Some of these have received great advice and some have been ridiculed for bad choices, so I want to give my opinion on a few of these questions. Remember this is my opinion and I am not saying it is the correct one or that these options will suit everybody but if it helps one person then my job is done.

So here is some advice for noobs, those newcomers who often get overlooked and are to scared to ask.

What Chassis to buy?

Now I am a big fan of supporting your local hobby shop (LHS) but unfortunately as 90% of model shops don’t really cater for the drift community, so if you go to your LHS for advice you will more than likely walk away with something from HPI or Tamiya. Now there is nothing wrong with those to brands but you will not have a drift chassis you will have a touring car with hard tires and you will be forever chasing your tail trying to get it to drift well, it’s not impossible but it will mean you spending more money in the long run.

People will disagree with me on this but in my opinion your best option is the Sakura D4 if you buy in the UK you are looking at just over the hundred pound mark, you can get them cheaper online but like I say if you can spend that fraction more and help your LHS or stockist in the UK.

The reason I recommend the D4 over anything else is you have the choice, as it is available in RWD or CS and if you try one and don’t like it you can modify the chassis to try the other. There are also a tonne of hop ups available for it from various suppliers. Yes you will have to source radio gear, electrics and a bodyshell but trust me it will be a much better starting point than the RTR stuff on the market.

What Electrics?

This is a big question, the beating heart of your drifter needs careful consideration and to be honest this is more a question of budget. So let’s say you are trying to keep your spend to a minimum because after all you are a noob and this hobby might not be for you.

For me you need to buy the Toro TS120 Competition ESC from Sky RC without doubt the best ESC for under £100, for around £75 you can get a super smooth ESC with an advanced timing system. Tonnes of people will agree with this and there will be plenty of people around to give you advice on it, worth mentioning though if you want the best from this ESC it is worth spending an extra £15 and buying the program box (PROGBOX) to be able to easily adjust settings.

Motor wise just something smooth around 10.5T will do make sure its sensored, maybe the Onisiki sensored brushless motor, there are alternative available from Yeah Racing, Speed Passion and OMG to name a few.

What batteries?

Plain and simple for me 2s Lipo’s good mAh rating I would say you want at least 5000mAh and a good discharge rate anything over 60C should see you right, something like the Turnigy Graphene 6600mAh 2S2P 90C Hard case Lipo Pack or if you need something cheaper I have been using the Turnigy nano-tech 5300mah 2S2P 30~60C Hard case Lipo they only have a 30 – 60C discharge rate but they will do a job if you are on a budget. Remember if you are new to Lipo tech you need to look after them and be sensible check out this guide http://thedronegirl.com/2015/02/07/lipo-battery/ it is from a drone site but the advice is spot on about battery care.

I won’t get in to telling you where to buy all this stuff as people are loyal to certain sellers so I will leave that to you.



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