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#NFG Issue 5: Midlands Drift Society

Sunday marked the first full day of testing at the new venue for Midlands Drift Society and what a day it was but first a little info on how we got to this point.

Last year as LARC drift was winding up a group of drifters from around Birmingham clubbed together to buy their carpet and take over their venue in Little Aston forming Yujin RC sadly due to restrictions with the size and times the venue was available, Yujin never realised its potential.  At the start of 2016 after 6 months of drift nights it became clear that Yujin was coming to the end, the decision was taken that the carpet would be sold.

Not wanting the carpet to be lost a few of the original group (myself included) decided to buy the carpet after figuring out all the details we finally got the carpet. A group of 6 people were left out of the original 13 (Bullhead, Darren Dudley, Me, Garf, Lee Hughes & Jack Leach) Bullhead was quick to find us a new venue. After checking out the new venue and a visit to the local pub it was clear we were all on the same page with the carpet and future events.

We all agreed we wanted to put our own stamp on things and not continue with the Yujin RC name, Midlands Drift Society was quickly decided upon. So that brings us to Sunday and our first day of testing at the new venue. We arrived nice and early on Sunday morning buzzing for the day ahead. Over in Little Aston we were never able to unroll the carpet fully due to the size of the hall that is not a problem in the new venue we were shocked at just how much bigger the carpet was when it was rolled out.

By around 10:30 after a good hoover and some hard graft we had the track down after a few hours of sliding it became clear we still need to sort a few details out on the track but only minor ones. We had a visit from Gary Richard James who was impressed and had a slide with us for a few hours, Dale Clements of Usukani UK (& one of the main driving forces behind Yujin) dropped in to check out the place and show some support. On the whole it was a good day with plenty of things to think about.

So here are some details we can reveal about upcoming events first of all the new venue, Fazeley Town Hall Tamworth Road, Fazeley, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B78 3RH, our events will be held on Saturdays from 11:00 AM till 10:00 PM these will be held monthly we are still working out pricing etc.

Stay tuned to the Midlands Drift Society & Yokomuki RC pages for more details and dates for events.

Stay safe, stay sideways….


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#NFG Issue 3: Our trip to Ratrap RC/N.R.D

Our first Yokomuki road trip of the year saw us travel up north to Wakefield, to check out Ratrap RC/N.R.D. We assembled at my place at 7:30 before heading over to pick up fellow drifter Jon. I won’t bore you with the details of the journey, but going 4-up in the world’s lowest BMW meant a lot of scraping and scuffing for the duration. When we arrived at Ratrap we met up with the lads from Yujin RC and The Outsliders.

I was blown away by the place, the guys had placed banners around the track with Yokomuki Skulls and Yujin RC logos which was a nice touch and made us feel really welcome. We were lucky enough to get a look around the whole place including the awesome race track hiding upstairs, they also have the best indoor scaling course I have seen, it made me incredibly sad that I sold my SCX10. It was then on to the drift track, which is an absolute credit to the guys there. It opens with a beautifully detailed little section which offers many perfect photo opportunities, then that leads into the huge drift track which, again, has some really nice details and finishing touches.

One thing me and Garf commented on was the fact that there was nowhere to get stuck, more often than not when you head to various drift tracks there are tonnes of places to get stuck, meaning your shoes are on and off all day as you run to rescue your car. The track is nice & wide and forgiving for beginners but technical and entertaining enough for the more seasoned drifters. The pit area has plenty of room to accommodate everybody, and there’s plenty of table surface with space underneath for the hauler, which is always appreciated.

The atmosphere was fantastic, really relaxed and friendly, but the big plus point for us was the two lovely ladies who were on hand all day to keep us fed and watered. Great food, reasonable prices and A BREW IN A MUG! I cannot tell you how nice it is to sit and work on your car while having a brew in a mug.

As always, Garf was a drift machine, going through battery after battery getting as much track-time as possible, Lee Lee started the day with a RWD DIB but ended up reverting back to 4WD and I got plenty of track-time in and had a good natter with some great people. I also got my hands on some new stickers, which is always a bonus.

On the journey home we were all buzzing from a truly brilliant day and we are already looking forward to our next visit. If you are planning a trip to Ratrap you won’t be disappointed and if you are not planning a trip, sort yourself out and get planning one.

Big thanks to everybody at Ratrap for their hospitality, the place is a credit to your hard work and dedication.

Stay safe, stay sideways