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Drift Talk Guest Blog: Couples who drift together!

Drift Talk Guest Blog: Couples who drift together!

Hi, my name is Jack.

Before we start, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Ellis for letting me write this blog for Yokomuki RC!

I’ve been a great fan of Yokomuki RC for some time now and I am honoured that I am given this chance to do this blog for them!

Now back to the blog.

Today I would like to talk about couples who shares the same hobby with each other.

Like some of our fellow RC drift hobbyists, I have a wife and kids and logically, spare time is scarce, so when it comes to practicing the hobby, It needs a lot of planning, but what if your wife has the same hobby that takes equal amount of time as yours? Or even better she has the same hobby as you? As in my case, my wife and I share the same passion about RC drift!

Initially when I “started” my RC drift hobby, my wife was somewhat interested (because she is a GREAT car fanatic, even bigger than I am!), but not like “Ooooh, let me buy an Overdose and do some tandems together!”. She watched me builed my first chassis (DIB Vers. 2) and after that she got herself a Sakura D3 to “try out” to see if she likes it. Way before I even did 1 corner! BUT…………It took us (me) actually 9 month before we started hitting the track. Yes, shame on us! 😉


I remember our first visit @streetJam like it was yesterday. There was a concrete track and a carpet track, we didn’t know what we were doing and we were ALL OVER THE TRACK. My wife was somewhat cautious like she always is, while I recklessly bashed my way around the track like there was no tomorrow. There was not a single boarding on that track that I didn’t hit – HECK – I even manage to do some damage on the wall, yes a serious FULL SCALE REAL LIFE wall, not a RC scale wall! After seeing me doing some (serious) damage to his track and seeing me struggling controlling the car, Michel van den Hoogenband (aka Captain Caveman or as I like to call him: “Baas” – means Boss in Dutch ) came to us and gave us some valuable advice. Since then, we considered StreetJam our go-to track when we want to get some track time.


The most difficult part when it comes to practicing the hobby with my wife is planning. Normally, I take one evening off the workdays, and my wife would take one day out of the weekend to find our way to the track, there is actually very little time that we actually can drift together, only once in a while (not more than once a month) we have the opportunity to go out and drift together, but that makes that time that we spend together on the track even more valuable. 🙂


When we are not drifting, we like to go through the internet and catch up what’s going on in the RC drift world – and that’s where Yokomuki came in! We also like to exchange ideas on how our next bodyshell will looks like, but most of the time, our “RC drift talk” is about what we can do to improve our car, technically as well as cosmetic.


Now, remember when I told you guys that I bashed my way around the StreetJam.nl track? That was 1.5 years ago, today, my wife and I manage to go around on the track without hitting any boarding, without spinning out on every corner and last March, we even dared to step into the Dark side and join the RWD movement. In the last year, we managed to “expand” our fleet. More than 2 years ago we started out with a DIB and a D3, at this moment our “fleet” consists of:


1 x TA06 (drift converted)

1 x YD-2

2 x DIB

1 x D3

1 x Eagle Racing TT02 GRT RWD (V1)

1 x MST RMX 2.0 S (L.E.)


Sure enough, we are not the only couple that share the same passion about RC drifting. I know there are a lot of couples out there who share the same passion like we do and the most well-known couple are of course Michel van den Hoogenband and Claudia de Baar, aka Captain and Mrs. Caveman the organizer of the D1-10 World Championship!

A textbook example of that you don’t have to drift together to share the same passion!

If you want to see what we are up to in the future, go ahead and visit our Facebook page Project R 

*shamelessly mentioning my own page here* and check out our activities: P

Finally – before I bla-bla-bla for too long – In about 3 weeks, the start of the D1-10 World Championship 2017 will take off and I would like to wish every contestant the best of luck, hope they have the time of their life and I hope to see you there in Emmen, The Netherlands perhaps for a little chat as I will be running Technical Control during the World Championship. 😉

Thank you for your time, and remember, take care of yourself, and each other! Also check out the feature my wife had in another drift mag here


Check out issue 3 now by clicking here and get in touch with us via Facebook


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Drift Talk: Brand loyalty

Drift Talk: Brand loyalty

I thought I was done with blogging for a week but Eddy Amira shared this blog with us http://www.thercnetwork.com/rc-cars/rc-brand-loyalty/ by Rich Morgan over on the The RCNetwork about brand loyalty and I thought we could throw our drift take on the subject.

We all have favourite brands it’s no secret that I love Yokomo, I even wrote a blog about my love for my DIB chassis recently. When it comes to drift chassis’s you have a ridiculous amount of choice these days compared to a few years ago. You have major brands like MST, Yokomo and Overdose to name a few that are constantly pushing the boundaries with new models coming out regularly.

As it mentions in the original blog, social media plays a massive part in marketing these new models but a lot of that is driven by people’s opinion rather than the cold hard facts of the company who produce these models. So how much are people’s perceptions of things affected by brand loyalty?

Take for example the new MST RMX 2.0 it is all over Facebook with people raving about how good it is before most of them had even had a slide with it. Now I am not saying it is a bad chassis and it might be the best thing since sliced bread but a lot of the posts are definitely born from brand loyalty. The same thing happened when the YD-2 came out, to be honest the same thing happens when any new chassis is released.

You will never rid the world of brand loyalty it exists in every subject like I would take a Pepsi over a Coke any day of the week, brand loyalty maybe or is it just that Pepsi tastes better who knows.

What I would like to see is more review content in drifting you look at any other genre of RC and you will see review content on everything Buggies, racing, scaling, bashing and flying when did you last open an RC mag and find a review on the latest offering from MST or Yokomo? I think more could be done to get reviews out there and get honest opinions on products after all if they are that good you won’t get a bad review right?

No shop selling an RC chassis is ever going to give you the truth after all they have to sell them and you can’t blame them for that.

So when you buy a chassis what makes you decide that chassis is the right one for you? Is it just a case you fancy a change from your current one and that is the latest one out? Is it because a popular figure in the hobby thinks it’s awesome so you just have to have it?

It is an interesting subject we would love to hear your thoughts on Facebook, I can’t deny being fairly loyal to Yokomo I am always tempted when they release something new, so don’t think I am having a pop at people who are loyal to MST, Overdose or any other brand. Brand loyalty is totally natural and will always be here. I would just like to see more review content out there in magazines etc. it would help expose the hobby to more people.




One Ten Drift Ezine

Drift Talk: Issue 3 & bad ass bodyshells

Drift Talk: Issue 3 & bad ass bodyshells

Issue 3 dropped last night and is going well, content wise we feel this is our most diverse issue yet. One of the sections we did was bad ass bodyshells, we could have filled pages with what was sent in but we couldn’t do that due to the size of the mag. The top 5 were awesome and we have soon great pics of them that didn’t make the mag so we thought we would dedicate a blog to each one.

We will start with the main image Mike Peezee’s Tandem of Die replica S13 with custom double stack intercooler, handmade piping, BOV, and realistic fender/corner light tabs & front bash bar the shell is stunning we will let the pics do the talking.

We had such a good response to this feature we are going to run it in each issue, so if you think you have a cool enough build get in touch maybe you will feature in issue 4. You can send your pics to us via Facebook or email them to yokomukirc@hotmail.com

This will be the last blog from me for a couple of weeks as I am off to get married but if you want to contribute blogs or content for the mag I will be picking up messages when I can and the other guys in the team will be on hand if I’m not.

Let us know what you think of issue 3, we would love to hear some feedback.

You can download issue 3 here



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Issue 3 preview

Issue 3 preview

Issue 3 lands tomorrow, this is by far our favourite issue so far here is a preview of what you can expect in issue 3.

We have a great feature from Dale Clements about how RC drifting helped him deal with mental health issues. We have the first ever Muki on tour feature from WRCC, we catch up with Michel van den Hoogenband and find out some of the history behind the world championships. Bob Rock gives us an insight in to RC drifting in South Africa and how the hobby is developing over there. B-Money imparts yet more wisdom on us and we feature some bad ass bodyshells.

We had a lot of content sent through this time so if you submitted something and it is not in issue 3 rest assured you will be seeing it in issue 4.

If you would like to contribute to future issues or have your track/team featured please contact us via Facebook or email us at yokomukirc@hotmail.com

Check out issues 1&2 here



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Drift Talk: Who are Yokomuki RC

Who are Yokomuki RC

We have talked about all sorts on the site and Facebook recently I would like to take a minute to talk about Yokomuki RC. It has been a wonderful start to the year for us and I wanted to just put a little more out there about this year and this team.

Some history behind Yokomuki RC

I (Matt Ellis) started Yokomuki RC back in December 2014, I wanted to create a page which focussed on sharing information about RC drifting and highlighting the good work people do in the hobby. I never really intended for it to become a team that just sort of happened naturally over time.

Over the last 2 and a bit years we have built a steady following on social media and gained a lot of experience. However up till sort of October last year we still had no real direction about where we were going in terms of our original goal of being a respected source of information. So November last year we discussed the idea of a magazine.

The One/Ten Drift E-zine

By the end of November last year we had started the ball rolling with the magazine what better way to get information across than in a free to download magazine, well at least that’s what we thought anyway. As it turned out not many people wanted to get involved initially and we totally understood that, so we created issue one full of our own content.

The initial response was very good, we had a steady stream of downloads, the response was positive enough that we decided to make a second issue and content for that came a lot easier in fact we had to much so we already knew that we would at least get 3 issues before people got bored. Issue 2 went down well we had more downloads in the first day than issue 1 got in 2 months. Issue 3 is almost ready to launch and issue 4 is already underway with content coming in all the time.


I dabbled with blogs a little since the page started but to be honest I think they were pretty rubbish and focussed pretty much on the stuff the team was getting up to so I don’t think many people bothered with them. This year we re-launched the drift talk series and have tried to create blogs that offer advice or opinions on stuff going on in the drift world, they have had a much better response and we are now looking for guest bloggers. We have even been asked to submit future blogs to RC Mart and have been featured on their blog site.


We have been fortunate to pick up 3 fantastic sponsors this year Usukani, Sideways RC (SRC) and Asbo-RC three great companies and we will work our socks off to help promote them. Usukani are providing the team with their fantastic brand of upgrades and Sideways RC will be keeping our bodyshells looking as scale realistic as possible, we have been working with Asbo for the last few month helping each other with various aspects of promotion and the support Dale gives us is fantastic.

We want to work hard for our sponsors it’s not about how many freebies we can bag, it’s about boosting their profile and exposure which in turn will help improve ours but freebies are nice to don’t get me wrong. It is all about how we can work together and make things mutually beneficial.

Finally the team

As I said earlier in the blog before I started to ramble I never set out to create a team it has developed over time but it is something I am tremendously proud of now, we are more than team mates (this is where I go all Dom from Fast & Furious) we are family, they are a great bunch and you can find out more about them over on the website.

Thank you for all your support keep your eyes open for issue 3 and more blogs coming soon.



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