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Pandora RC Japan Part 1

After issue 5 was released and ended up going completely worldwide, we couldn’t believe what happened next. The one and only Pandora RC got in touch with Matt and wanted to get involved with the magazine. Well, who are we to turn down such an offer, I mean, let’s face it, their bodies are one of the most detailed around, and that’s before you’ve even painted it.

So what did Pandora have to offer you may ask. Two of their best bodies is the answer. A Nissan Silvia PS13 Origin Labo and a Nissan Silvia S15 Origin Labo which explains why this feature is part 1.


The first body

The first of the 2 bodies will be the S13 which I (Ash) chose to have a crack at, I had to choose the S13 with it being my favourite S-body and coupled with my favourite body kit as well it was just perfect. I already had quite a few things laying around including a D-craft sunroof kit, Yokomo light buckets and a few other choice details. To top it all off the main man Ralph from P!pes got in touch to offer us exhausts for these builds but I won’t divulge too much into the details, simply check out the separate article for those.

The Shell

So, onto the shell itself. The body comes with separate bumpers, lexan light buckets (I chose not to use these as I much prefer plastic), boot spoiler and roof spoiler. The thickness of Pandora shells is always a taking point and I will agree, compared to others they’re thin but this is a positive if you ask me. The thicker makes tend to crack, far easier, whereas with Pandora, they flex then pop straight back into shape, no cracks or damage, this was put into practice when I picked this shell up off Matt, popped it in the back of my car on top of a set of full scale wheels (not my most clever moment) and what happened next was inevitable, I heard a crunch going round a corner as one of the wheels crushed the brand new shell, instantly my heart dropped and I pulled over, not one bit of damage, now if that isn’t proof that these shells are worthwhile then I don’t know what is.

The parts

Onto the bumpers being separate, I hear a lot of people question this as so many other makes just have theirs as one piece with the shell, but to add the detail you get from Pandora these need to be separate, especially with the Origin Labo kit and if cut out and fitted correctly, you can barely even tell they were once a separate part.

Another great detail is how prominent the window trim lines are on these, makes life so much easier when it comes to those must add details, but with this one I decided to take it a step further and have added inner and outer window trims, I feel with the detail in the shell it was a must.

Anyway, I feel that’s enough talking and I should let the pictures do the rest. Don’t forget to check back soon for part 2 of the Pandora feature to see how the S15 comes out.

The finished product

Think you will agree it looks pretty epic!

Thanks for reading



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