Team Yokomuki RC



Yokomuki RC began life as Drift West Midlands, a like-minded group of RC drift fanatics. In 2014 DWM came to an end, but not before the emergence of Yokomuki RC, created by Matt Ellis and later joined by Lee Hughes with the aim of becoming a well known name in the RC drift world. Yokomuki RC has become more than just a group of drifters, it is a family and like all families we have been through a lot together and we are still here having fun…


Matt Ellis

Founder, MR Yokomuki
Editor & Designer of the E-Zine

Interests: RC Drifting, Music, Comic Books, Retro Gaming, art & design & writing.

“Other than RC drifting you will find me blogging, designing or talking rubbish.”

What Matt runs

CS Chassis: Yokomo DIB – 1.8cs, Full ally upgrades
Electrics: HPI Racing Flux Pro ESC & 13.5T brushless motor, RC omg Digital Low Profile Servo
RWD Chassis: Yokomo YD-2 Usukani Spec
Electrics: Hobbywing Xerun 120a V3.1 esc, Speed Passion 10.5T Motor, Onisiki Aluminium Gyro, RC OMG Servo
Radio Gear: Sanwa MT4-S


Lee “Hughezie” Hughes

Team Member, Brand Ambassador & Amateur Drift Driver (BMW E36)

Interests: My main interests are cars and Motorsport. Especially drifting. I’m into RC drifting as well as full scale drifting and I like to do both as much as I can or as much as the wife will let me.

What Hughezie runs

Chassis:Yokomo DIB V1,1.5 counter steer, Steering upgrade c hub delete,Team sazuka front shafts
Electrics:Track & Field esc, 13.5t Track & Field brushless motor, Savox low profile servo
Radio Gear: Spectrum dx4c radio gear


Andy “Slideshow Bob” Baynes

Team member & Brand Ambassador

More info about Andy coming soon

What Andy runs

Chassis: D4 RWD c/w Oxegen high motor mount, Upgraded shocks and knuckles, Usukani D4 Chassis conversion.
Electrics: savox 1257 Servo, Hobbywing Xerun 120a V3.1 esc, Track and field 10.5T Motor
Radio Gear: Spektrum DX4s


David Shaw- Matthews

Team member & Brand Ambassador

Interests: RC drifting, Xbox One, 90’s dance & anything Subaru

“I began drifting outdoors and to this day I prefer to be out in the fresh air. I enjoyed competing at D1RC and Soul RC but now I prefer to throw down in a car park just for fun and socialising.”

What Dave runs

Chassis: Street Jam R3R rear motor conversion with slide steering rack. 1.6 CS
Electrics: Hobbywing Xerun 120a V3.1 esc Motor, Hobbywing Xerun V10 13.5T,Savox digital sc-1252mg
Radio Gear: Sanwa M12


Vicki-Lee Smith

Team member & Brand Ambassador

Interests: RC drifting. Obvs.

“Whenever Vix gets around to giving us a quote, we’ll stick it here…”

What Vix runs

CS Chassis: MST XXX
Electrics: TBA
Electrics: TBA
Radio Gear: Absima


Darren Dudley

Team member & Brand Ambassador
Interests: RC Drifting & scaling, full size off roading.


What Darren runs

Chassis: Yokomo DPR
Electrics: Speed Passion 10.5T Motor, Hobbywing Xerun 120a V3.1 esc, Savox chrome and blue servo
Radio Gear: Sanwa MTS


Ash Williams

Team member & Brand Ambassador
Contributor and Editor for the E-zine

Interests: RC drifting, skateboarding, music and most things retro, especially retro cars.

What Ash runs

Chassis: Full hop-up D4 Rwd. 3racing alloy bits and lots of genuine #exoticpartsfromdale.
Electrics: Toro Esc, limited edition Usukani 10.5t brushless motor, OMG low profile servo.
Radio Gear: Sanwa MT4.
Team Shell: D-like ver2 Nissan Silvia S14a Kouki.