We love RC, do you?

Matt Ellis RC

We love RC, do you?

We love RC, do you?

As this is not really Drift related I am leaving it out of the usual drift talk blog, I want to talk about RC in general. Saturday me and Daz went down to Burton Dasset for a spot of scaling, it is something we both like to do when we are taking a break from drifting. Scaling always offer a nice change of pace to drifting, you get out in the fresh air and get to walk round instead of being stood trackside for hours in a stuffy hall or unit.


At Yokomuki RC we all have various tastes in RC, some of us just drift but most of us have dabbled a little with various forms of RC over the years. Daz has come from a racing background with 1/5th scale petrol cars being something he was into heavily at one point, he also started scaling before he got in to drifting. Lee is our resident lunatic he has a reputation for making things go fast, drifting opened the hobby up for Lee but it wasn’t long before he found himself racing stuff off-road. Lee has long lived by the code of buying something and sticking a huge brushless motor in it and driving it ti the wheels fall off. Inevitably with Lee’s RC habits he has had his fair share of epic crashes, one incident springs to mind with Lee and a few who know him will be familiar with this story.


Me, Lee and Dave used to work for a model shop a few years ago and Lee was always building ridiculous fast models one he was particularly pleased with was his short course truck (I think it was made by HaBao) needless to say it was rapid. We were mucking around outside the shop one afternoon with a few customers getting big air off ramps and just generally pissing around.

Lee had the idea to push the ramp up next to a kerb and try and jump over the grass verge next to it, sounds harmless enough until you noticed he was taking one hell of a run up. He started his run up the car looked stable enough until just before the ramp. Lee lost control just before hitting the ramp and veered to the one side missing the ramp and smashing into the kerb. What followed can only be described as an explosion of RC bits, wheels, bits of chassis and other parts went flying some of which were never found. Lee was obviously gutted but he took it on the chin and built another monster although he never took that near the ramp again.

There is a video somewhere I think!


For me drifting opened me up to the RC hobby in general, I have had fast off-road stuff, touring cars and 1/14th Tamiya trucks. I love the build, I am a big fan of old Tamiya kits they are just good fun to build. I think it is nice to have a distraction from the drift side of things from time to time and with scaling I really get to let loose I don’t worry when I see my SCX rolling down a hill side. Having said all this I am looking forward to dusting off the drift car for MDS on Saturday.

So what about you guys do you just drift? Or are you in to other forms of the hobby? What does RC mean to you?

RC has always been a nice escape from the day to day crap that life throws at you, there is something very therapeutic about building something from scratch and taking on that first run.

I have always thought about expanding the reach of Yokomuki and the magazine to cover other forms of RC but I wouldn’t want to dilute what we do. Maybe in the future we could create a full blown RC magazine, it is certainly something to think about.

Let us know what you think and what forms of RC you are in to…


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