Why the mag ended

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Why the mag ended

It is a question I have been asked a lot since the announcement was made on Facebook a few weeks ago. I thought I would explain the decision for those interested here and make the plan for the future clear.

One of the major factors was time, chasing content, writing content and then designing the mag took an incredible amount of time. When the magazine started I was in a job I hated and had time to burn, I also needed a creative outlet. Before Christmas 2017 I was made redundant, I quickly found another job, a job that allows me to be creative and one I love. Unfortunately now I don’t have time to burn and fitting the magazine in had become impossible.

Another reason was the schedule, releasing a mag every few months means Yokomuki sit on really great content and you guys have to wait to see it. Before the mag I was able to publish content on the website as soon as we had it. I want us to get back to that original idea of regular content on the website. The stuff I put in the magazine will now be put on the website as soon as I have it, sure it won’t be wrapped up in a nice neat package anymore but the content will still be the same.

Matt Ellis RC

I am a massive RC fan, I love the everything about the RC hobby and the opportunity to start writing for other publications came my way last year. I have contributed reviews for RC Racer magazine, RC Mart blog site and RCCar.Zone to name a few. I simply couldn’t produce the kind of magazine I wanted anymore, as I said there just isn’t enough hours in the day.

Yokomuki RC

The final factor in the decision was simple, it just wasn’t fun anymore. Drifting had started to become a chore and the need to find and chase content to hit deadlines was becoming a drag. As a result the team suffered, what started as a group of people out to have fun had gone. The team was forgotten One/Ten overtook Yokomuki, I need to put that right and get this team back on track. No deadlines, no rules, just drifting if that is there everything else will follow.

What the future holds who knows, the team may lose sponsors and followers but that isn’t what I started Yokomuki for. I will go back to what I love drifting and writing about what I want to write about. What I will do is open Yokomuki up to you guys, if you have something you think should be published then this is the platform for you. Send in articles and features for the website get yourself out there, the doors are open.

Lastly I want to thank two people who made the magazine possible for over a year, first Zac Loftus my best buddy and probably one of the greatest designers in the world who helped make the magazine visually stunning. Then my good buddy and team mate Ash Williams who contributed fantastic content to the magazine and went out of his way to help make it awesome.

Thanks for reading, take care and stay sideways!


Matt Ellis